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SILVER: Print Channel

L.L. Bean, Outdoor Gear and Clothing, Winter 2008

There’s nothing like snowshoeing in the mountains on a clear winter day. And the aspirational cover on this L.L. Bean catalog makes it clear that when you’re clad in Bean’s technical winter apparel — and, of course, treading on Bean snowshoes — you won’t get cold or wet.

WHY IT WON A SILVER AWARD: This catalog brings to the table “an outstanding selection of products covering all categories,” said one judge. “The broad and deep winter catalog includes plenty of gear in addition to apparel. This is what Bean is all about.”

And when it comes to design and production, there is “an excellent balance between heros and individual product presentations,” said a panelist, who also lauded Bean’s “outstanding presentation of product color selection.”

WHY IT DIDN’T WIN A GOLD AWARD: Some judges preferred the back cover photo, which depicts children sledding down a snowy hill, to the front. On the front cover, “The white print at the bottom is lost in the snow,” said one judge. — MD

Director: Don Oakes

Designers: Erica Eysenbach, Andrea Kolpack

Creative directors: Jenna Klein Jonsson, Marcia Minter

Marketing director: Nancy Dynan-Fischman

Print/production director: Jason Kendeigh

Copywriter: Leslie Gomes

Copy manager: Craig Fessler

Art directors: Betty Fuller, Greg Gorman

Printer/color separator/prepress provider: Quad Graphics

List broker: Millard Group