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Not fazed by power outage

On July 24 a Multichannel Merchant staffer received the following e-mail from gifts, jewelry, and tabletop items cataloger/retailer Michael C. Fina: “We apologize for any system problems you may have experienced that were caused by the recent ConEd power outages affecting Queens, NY — the location of our electronic servers. This affected service in our stores, on the phone and on our website. We will be contacting everyone individually who had any interaction with Michael C. Fina to ensure that their order or registry updates are accurately processed.” Fina actually got off easy: While many customers in Queens had no power for a week, a spokesperson for the merchant said the electricity at its operation was restored in 36 hours.

Bauer makes bargain-shopping easier

We love a bargain, and there are plenty to be found online. But searching through scads of sale merchandise and broken stock for your size or preferred color can be a real drag. Eddie Bauer has simplified the outlet-shopping experience online with its Bargain Finder tool, which promises “Bargain hunting…minus the hunting.” You can choose a category of sale merchandise from Men’s, Women’s, Footwear, or Other, and then narrow down your search by selecting from any combination of size, color, style — even by percentage off and price range. We love this feature because it saves us frustration and time — precious time we can use to look for more bargains.

Bummin’ on Boden

A Multichannel Merchant staffer saw an item she wanted in a co-worker’s catalog from U.K. apparel merchant Boden and decided to order via the Website. To the staffer’s delight, the shirt was on sale. To her disappointment, a few screen clicks revealed that Boden had sold out of the item in all sizes and colors. If you know you don’t have any left, you might put a banner over the item instead of letting hopeful customers click to select their preferred color only to find you have none available at all. Another suggestion to the good folks over at Boden: How about investing in more inventory?!


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