Brooks Brothers Earns Ecommerce “Badge” of Success

Jun 05, 2012 4:25 AM  By

Venerable apparel merchant Brooks Brothers has earned a “badge” of success after partnering with Monetate to successfully increase its ecommerce conversion rates.

By implementing Monetate’s Agility Suite, Brooks Brothers increased its conversion rate by 26% while its revenue per visit rose 34%.

According to Monetate’s case study on Brooks Brothers, Cindy Lincks, the director of analytics for Brooks Brothers, found that the company’s previous testing solution was not used often and was difficult to implement.

Agility Suite allows merchants to test an unlimited number of marketing campaigns outside of the IT queue, connect with key segments of website traffic in real time, maintain messaging consistency between distinct marketing channels throughout the purchasing cycle, merchandise and display products optimally, and change anything, anywhere within the web experience quickly.

Lincks, who joined Brooks Brothers in July 2011, said Monetate’s testing process isn’t just about improving revenue per test, but it’s also about “learning what customers really want.” Just a few weeks after placing Monetate’s single JavaScript Express Tag on every web page, the company began testing what turned out to be a successful product badging campaign last November.
Brooks Brothers ‘badged’ products with attributes like New Arrival, Made in America, and Collegiate.

“It was all about really thinking what a product badge means and calling out attributes of a product that will help it sell,” Lincks said in the case study. “All of our ideas flow through a user experience director for approval on where to place the badge, but because of how Monetate works, we were able to do this test without getting our IT team involved, which is a huge plus.”

Calling out product attributes helped customers better understand the products, and led to more sales – the badge testing yielded a conversion rate increase of 26% while revenue per visit rose 34%. Add-to-cart rates increased nearly 5%.

Monetate’s Express Tag is placed inside the page head and serves as the sole integration point for all five products in the Agility Suite, allowing customers to optimize any aspect of any web page.

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