How to Avoid 4 Crosschannel Marketing Killers

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question-300Inconsistent Messaging

Brand messaging across channels should have a consistent look and feel. The last thing any company wants to do is confuse their target customers by projecting a different brand message and customer experience on different channels.

Crosschannel marketing does involve customizing messages for each different channel, but they all need to clearly tie back to – and reinforce – the brand perception that a given company wants to instill in customers.

In addition to maintaining a consistent, look, feel and tone, your crosschannel messaging should be transparent enough so that it’s obvious to the recipient that the message is from your brand and not an unknown third party.

How can this “kill” a campaign?
Sending inconsistent and unfamiliar messages to consumers can lead to confusion and damage your brand recognition.

How can you avoid this campaign killer? 
The first step is to develop a clear strategy for the overall brand messaging that spans all customer-facing channels – i.e. a brand messaging and style guide that all marketing communications are required to follow.

Here are four tips to help ensure messaging consistency across channels:

  • Coordinate messaging across all offline and online channels
  • Keep messages simple and clear
  • Communicate in a voice that is recognizable and relatable
  • Avoid confusing the audience with unfamiliar email sender names


  • Catalog-on-Demand

    For those who want to include print catalogs in their cross-channel marketing, we’ve found Jai’s point about inconsistent messaging to be one of the top challenges facing our customers at It is always difficult to keep all your product and category information in sync across channels. The only solution we’ve seen that always works, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, is to make the e-commerce system the primary repository of all product data and images. The print catalog software must pull from the e-commerce content.

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