Silver: ePromos Promotional Products

Sep 24, 2012 5:51 PM  By

B-to-B, $10 Million to $75 Million

The campaign: To increase loyalty, retention, and new orders, epromos wanted to get some of BIC’s products into the hands of its customers. The goal was for these contacts to see first-hand just how impressive custom BIC merchandise could be, as well as offer them exclusive sale pricing and free decoration charges on select items. A website landing page, emails and direct mail packages including free samples of BIC products were used to spread the message.

The result: The incremental revenue gain was measured at 81% vs. the prior year, and was estimated to reach 85% by the time the campaign ended.

What the judges loved:
Scott Cohn: “While the creative developed for the campaign wasn’t new thinking, everything was executed excellently. Exceptionally well-planned and logical. The results speak to the excellent campaign.”

Joan Abrams: “Cohesive and integrated creative. Strong call to action and great use of the BIC logo. The direct mail sample package was very compelling. Good integration of the creative theme across all channels.”

What could have been better:
Tom Steele: “I like the idea of this campaign very much, but the execution, to me, was a bit uninspired and the success metrics offered were a bit squishy. Bypassing this chance to engage your customers was, to me, a big miss and would have turned a run-of-the-mill B2B “remembrance” campaign into a show stopper limited only by the power of the (BIC) pen and the interest of your customers, who seem to “like” ePromos well enough given the 5,400 likes on the ePromos website.”

2012 MCM Awards Winners

  • Promotional Products Canada

    When customers keep a labeled product they usually keep it a normal of one to four decades.

  • Best Promotional Products

    While the innovative designed for the strategy was not new thinking, everything was implemented fantastically.