Compiled Lists Shaping Up

Compiled lists have been the primary source for marketers including files from such industries as credit card, insurance, retailers, package goods, specialty publications, and automotive mailers, have long been a staple for most mass marketers. These files offer millions of names, highly targeted selects, and lower cost per thousands.

As technology expands and costs are reduced, compilers are keeping up with the times by employing cutting edge technology to better serve existing markets. Several major compilers have begun offering “look-alike” models or response models to mailers to better help them target names within their database more effectively. Even better, these compilers are not requiring multi-million name commitments to do this. We have seen commitments range from as little as 50,000 names to 200,000 names over a three- or six-month period in return for the modeling.

In addition, compilers have been working to make existing data more appealing to direct marketers. Within the past few years, compilers have added important selects such as recency and response data. These new selects, combined with their existing tools and data they currently provide to, help make complied lists a viable option for catalogers.

Another added benefit is access to names enriched with online data. As catalogers’ ordering continues to shift more to the Web, the availability of Internet buyers, computer owners, and e-mail addresses will give them greater ability to integrate their online communication strategies along with their offline strategies.

The need for compilers to continue moving in this direction is clear, as response file universes have dropped over the past couple of years, and co-op database performance continues to be tricky. Compilers see the opportunity to attract a new audience starved for fresh names that can be highly targeted at reasonable costs.

Chris Montana is senior vice president and Tom De Long is sales executive, compiled list division of Hackensack, NJ-based list services firm Mokrynskidirect.