Content is Key to SEO and Shopping Experience

Apr 01, 2013 9:00 PM  By

Content is key in order for merchants to improve both search engine optimization (SEO) and the shopping experience. It will boost rankings in unpaid search results better known as “natural” or “organic” listings, according to a recent blog post by Scott Compton from Marketlive on   Content that is relevant and authentic can make for a more appealing shopping experience.

Here are four ways merchants can use content to improve SEO from a guest blog post by Scott Compton of Marketlive on

1.  Be the first with original content. Brand manufacturers and other merchants who repurpose product content for affiliates, such as’s marketplace should factor in timing into their schedules so they can post to their own brand sites first.  Brands should ensure that their product content goes above and beyond what’s available elsewhere, which will establish their brand sites as an authoritative source of information for products.

2.  Take ownership of manufacturer product content.  Merchants who rely on manufacturer content can render it original by tailoring the information, language and tone to their audience, making for better experience for shoppers and is beneficial to SEO.

3.  Make the most of user-generated content.  Product reviews or posts to a question-and-answer support forum can provide a steady stream of fresh content and demonstrate that the site is an active hub of enthusiasts, according to Compton.  With post-purchase email campaigns merchants can invite customers to contribute reviews.  Merchants should also highlight the resulting user-generated content prominently across touch points.

4.  Work deep links into content from social media outposts. Devise a linking strategy that showcases a variety of content deep within your site.   Merchants can maximize the SEO power of their own social outposts by using them to showcase product-level content, discussion forum threads and individual blog posts.

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