Contact Center Tech: Diversity in Motion

Jan 31, 2006 7:48 PM  By

The actual range of products included in the phrase “contact center technology” is extremely wide, even when restricted to hardware. Below are a few examples of products that give an idea of the diversity of available technologies.

Agent performance
Roswell, GA-based Witness Systems’ new Impact 360 call monitoring suite adds some snazzy bells and whistles to its quality-monitoring capability: The suite tracks agent performance from training through developmental stages that can be customized to internal operations by the company using it.

For companies that use outsourced agents, Version 8.0 of CallCenter@nywhere Outsourcer, from La Jolla, CA-based Telephony@Work, allows users to collect customer satisfaction data that can provide managers with important information on rep performance.

Chicago-based FurstPerson recently updated its FurstHire Hiring System with CC Audition 2.0, a simulation test that mimics a call center environment so that job candidates get a sense of the job at the same time that supervisors assess potential reps.

Before going live with any new contact center technology, consider a product such as the Hammer CallMaster (version 5) testing suite by Bedford, MA-based Empirix.

Customer service
Melding contact center customer service and walk-in retail environments is the niche of Seattle-based Experticity’s Nextprise server software. Nextprise allows in-store customers to access video contact centers using Webcams.

Speech and imaging solutions provider Nuance, headquartered in Peabody, MA, in partnership with Active Voice is offering Seven 2.0, a packaged, automated, speech-based interface that can greet and route callers as well as handle internal calls.

Sales productivity
RightNow Technologies of Bozeman, MT, has added a RightNow Telesales module to its product lineup, including RightNow CRM 7.5, which also features sophisticated e-mail campaign capabilities that link to performance reports.

Fusion Agent Portal, is the newest version of desktop productivity software from Atlanta-based Jacada. The tool provides a single interface that increases productivity by allowing reps to find and use applications from any platform.

Barbara Arnn is a freelance writer based in Port Townsend, WA. For more on contact center technology, see the February issue of MULTICHANNEL MERCHANT.