DMA Publishes Updated Statistical Resources

Mar 10, 2005 4:01 AM  By

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has released two books that are absolutely chock full of facts, figures and information that is essential to plan the future of a direct marketing operation. The DMA 2004 Statistical Fact Book brings together projections, statistics, and trends from over 65 leading research sources. The DMA State of the Catalog/Interactive Industry Report 2004, meanwhile, combines the resources of the DMA and Catalog Age research groups.

Sources included in the Statistical Fact Book include DoubleClick Inc., Media Mark Research, the US Postal Service, Universal McCann, Yankelovich, the DMA itself, and many others. Among the broad areas of direct marketing covered are: direct response advertising, market applications, media (including interactive media and e-mail), lists and databases, and international direct marketing. This edition includes expanded sections on the Internet, customer relationship management, and more. The statistics will help to plan campaigns, support presentations, justify budgets, and predict response.

A detailed Table of Contents may be viewed here: To learn more, go to A downloadable version of the Statistical Fact Book, containing hyperlinks to actual source Web sites, is also available; visit for details.

The DMA State of the Catalog/Interactive Industry Report 2004 focuses on the integration of retail, catalog, and online media. Up-to-date 2004 trend research includes yearly comparisons of circulation, page count, response rate, catalog buyer file, etc.; tactics used to increase sales; strategic uses of customer returns; CRM technologies to integrate print and Internet; the impact of e-commerce; financial data to benchmark against competitors; and planning, analysis, and market growth strategies. Benchmarks and best practices information, based on comprehensive surveys of nearly 100 top catalog executives, permits you to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Summary points, charts and tables give visual perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing catalogers today.

The book features expert commentary throughout by Mark Swedlund, Senior Vice President, Haggin Marketing. Also included are two bonus reports: the 2003 Summary Results from Holiday CACPS Study (Customer Audit of Catalog Performance & Services) with ratings of close to 3,400 consumers based on their holiday catalog/online shopping experiences; and Top Line Results from the latest Catalog Age “Benchmark” Research, focusing on recent Merchandising, Database, and Critical Issues reports.

The Table of Contents may be viewed at Find out more about the DMA State of the Catalog/Interactive Industry Report 2004 at: