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“CRM is the area of the most buzz I get.”
Jeff Roster, analyst, Gartner

“Cyber terror is the biggest threat we have.”
Joe Lewis, president, Cole Systems

“Keep your message simple: ‘We sell candles.’ You can’t do everything.”
John Leary, retail systems mgr., Yankee Candle Co.


Is choosing CRM software driving you crazy? Let the pros make it easy for you. Consulting firm ISM Inc. recently announced the top CRM packages. Amdocs ClarifyCRM eFrontOffice v. 10.2 heads the list, followed by Applix iEnterprise v. 8.3 and E.piphany E.5. Also check out apps from industry leaders Oracle, PeopleSoft, ONYX Software, and Optima Technologies. ISM’s rigorous testing criteria include 107 business functions, 41 technical features, and 18 user-friendliness/support features. And if you still doubt whether you should invest in CRM programs, consider this: License revenue from sales of these applications is now the highest in the world, surpassing ERP sales.


What 3PLs Manage 2000 Gross Revenue ($ billions) Current Growth Rate
Domestic transportation $17.5 3.6%
U.S.-based with international operations $15.7 7.5%
Value-added warehouse/distribution $15.3 13.3%
Dedicated contract cartage $8.3 2.5%
3PL software $4.0 N/A
Total contract logistics market $60.8 7.4%
Source: 13th Annual State of Logistics Report, June 2002