Email is Preferred Way to Reach Shopping Cart Abandoners

Jun 25, 2013 12:30 PM  By

Ecommerce merchants are primarily using email to communicate with shopping cart abandoners, according to the results of the MCM Outlook 2013 survey. According to the results, 45.1% of respondents use email, up from 36.2% in 2012.

According to the survey, 42.0% of respondents said they don’t target shopping cart abandoners, essentially the same as in 2012.

When it comes to alternative payment options, 41.3% of respondents said they are not offering it, while 40.1% said they are offering PayPal as a payment option, according to survey results.

Having trustmarks of approval from a third-party company is less likely for sites today.  According to survey results, 60.4% of respondents said they use a trustmark from a third-party company, which is down from 62.2% of respondents in 2012.  SSL Security was named by 49.3% of respondents this year and by 52.0% of respondents in 2012.

This report is based on the online MCM Outlook 2013 survey, which was fielded by Multichannel Merchant from Mar. 5 through Mar. 18 2013, and drew 1,110 respondents.  Of those respondents, 556 described their primary responsibilities at their company as ecommerce marketers.

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  • Monika Kochhar

    Thanks for posting
    this, Daniela. There are some interesting stats here, and I find it
    amazing that 42% of e-commerce merchants aren’t doing anything to target
    shopping cart abandoners. There have been some interesting industry and
    consumer focused articles lately that have “uncovered” the fact that
    many retailers send emails offering discounts to people who fill their
    shopping carts and leave for various reasons. Some startups now working on providing consumers discounts while they navigate the online stores and before they abandon their carts.

    been thinking about e-commerce inefficiencies like shopping cart
    abandonment for a long time and actually started a company called
    SmartGift to help retailers tackle these issues BEFORE people abandon
    their carts when buying gifts online. While targeting people afterwards
    is great, retailers need better solutions to reduce their cart
    abandonment rates to begin with. Again, interesting post. Thanks.