Genuine Facebook Fans Drive Profit for Fabness

Mar 26, 2014 6:13 AM  By

fabness-475Fabness is generating positive social ROI by converting website visitors into genuine Facebook fans. Fabness is observing a high sales conversion rate of 33.28% for these fans, resulting in a positive social ROI.

Even after using legitimate methods to acquire Facebook “Likes” for their brands, marketers today are seeing a large number of the acquired fans to be fake, which is diminishing the value of Facebook as a social marketing channel. Fake fans are not genuinely interested in the brand and hence bring down the overall engagement rate and consequentially make it increasingly difficult to reach out to real fans for positive business benefits.

Fabness is using ShopSocially’s social commerce platform to convert website visitors into true Facebook fans. These fans are of high quality and have genuine intent to interact with Fabness brand. This is highlighted in the high sales conversion rate of 33.28% that these fans are demonstrating on Fabness ecommerce store.

“Retailers worldwide benefit by converting website visitors into email subscribers. Through ShopSocially app, we used the same approach for Facebook fan acquisition.” said Karen Correy, Marketing Manager at “Increasing Facebook fanbase is meaningful only if the fans acquired are real. High sales conversion rate of 33.28% is a testimony of quality of fans ShopSocially has helped us acquire.”

Fabness has deployed ShopSocially’s fan acquisition module Get-a-Fan on its ecommerce website. This module allows Fabness to reward the site visitors with a coupon for becoming a fan. The coupon is delivered in-line to ensure that the users never leave the site. This converts website visitors into real fans who value the discount coupon highly as they have earned it in return of a social action. This simple but effective social commerce strategy results in uplift in sales conversion rate. Fabness has generated impressive business gains from this strategy as indicated in metrics below:

  • 15,000+ quality Facebook fans added in a short span of time
  • 33.28% sales conversion rate for the newly acquired fans
  • 1 out of 3 new fans also became qualified email subscriber

This resulted in Fabness not only acquiring qualified Facebook fans but also generating profit from this fan base, netting a positive social media ROI for Fabness.

“The cost of acquiring fans has been going up while the engagement rate has been going down,” said Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially. ”Fabness’s strategy of running onsite fan acquisition campaign has not only helped Fabness gain real Facebook fans, but also generate profit from them.”