Gold: Fairytale Brownies, Holiday 2011

Sep 24, 2012 7:15 PM  By

B-to-C, Under $10 Million

The campaign: Fairytale Brownies looked to generate $6.6 million in revenue from sales of brownie and cookie gifts from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2011. Fall and holiday 2011 print catalogs, the ecommerce site, email specials and affiliate marketing were used as tools to reach that goal.

The result: Total revenue and average order value were up 11% over the prior year, and Fairytale Brownies met its revenue goal.

What the judges loved:
Gordon Magee: “Email segmentation based on customer engagement was a nice idea, and had a positive effect on unsubscribe rates, unsubscribe rates being one factor in an ESP’s quality score.”

Neal Schuler: “Leveraging gift lists and improving selling energy on category pages were good moves. There was solid segmentation strategy on email campaign.”

What could have been better:
Ian MacDonald: “Fairytale Brownies’ email, website merchandising and design, affiliate marking, and catalog all had different messages and promotions. Although all those channels enjoyed increased sales, it wasn’t a true crosschannel program because each channel had a different program.”

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