Know the Basics with Search Marketing

May 02, 2013 5:56 PM  By

Search marketing goes beyond the organization of a keyword list in order to be effective with content optimization.  Marketers need to know the basics in order to enhance their search marketing, according to Social Media Club.   

Social Media Club offers five tips on how brands can enhance their search marketing. 

1.  Fresh content ensures survival.  Whether it is paid search marketing or organic content.  Content enables keywords to be utilized through the site.  According to the article, meta data can be implemented, images and videos with alt tags and descriptions add to the value of the content.  It is important that fresh content be consistently updated.  Post frequently, once a month or once a week won’t cut it if you are just starting out.  Daily is the keyword here.

 2.  Links are important. Linking back to your own content is helpful.  Ensure that your anchor text are keywords that help build further SEO. Use keywords that help readers know where the link will lead and they actually work, according to the article.  The text will help the search engines possibly rank the sites higher due to search and relevancy. 

 3.  Using social media as a search booster.  Distributing content can be done in a myriad of ways, based on the type of content and audience, according to the article.

  • Distribute your content across your social media channels such as Facebook, and Twitter if your brand has a presence on these sites and there is engagement on these channels.
  • Ask influencers to share with your audience.
  • Ask your guest bloggers to post and share with their audiences.
  • If your policy allows guest bloggers to repost – have them link back to your site.

4.  Make sure your site and content is mobile friendly.  Responsive design is better as it adapts to your device rather than sending you to another version of your site.  Take a look at how your content is viewed on the site via mobile – are they using tablets, smartphones, or a desktop or all of the above?  Then see how you can boost your SEO whether it’s by amplifying mobile ads or increasing content spread on both desktop and mobile, according to the article.

5.  Don’t forget to test keywords to see which ones work for you.  Test content, see what your audience likes most. Test social network distribution and see which content works best where and don’t be afraid to test.