List Price Index: Direct-to-Publisher Names Increase

The cost per 1,000 for consumer magazine subscriber files may be on the rise, according to Worldata’s Fall 2005 List Price Index. The Boca Raton, FL-based list services firm says this is due to increased demand for direct-to-publisher names following the weaker-than-expected performance of many files made up largely of agency-sold names.

The newsletter list rental category continues to grow in strength due to the high price point of the product ($100-$1,000 per subscription) and its primary source being direct mail subscriptions.

The index also reports that e-mail list costs fell as much as $6/M due to new challenges in delivery such as authentication, image blocking, and content filtering.

Other findings:

  • Permission-based business-to-business e-mail remains the highest-priced category, with an October 2005 straight average price of $281/M. But that’s down $6/M from a year ago and down $8/M from the previous quarter. Many of the highest priced files are being found in the niche b-to-b categories, rather than the general business-oriented lists.
  • The price of permission-based business-to-consumer e-mail dipped $3/M, with an October 2005 average price of $167/M.
  • Newsletters remains the second most expensive category, with an October 2005 average price of $175/M, up $5/M from last year.
  • While the average price of a consumer magazine list fell $5/M, volume rose. This can be attributed to larger list buys resulting in volume discounts and higher-than-average net-name arrangements.
  • The donor category continues to display the lowest overall price, $76/M, though that’s up $1/M from a year ago.

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