How To Grow Your Global Marketplace Revenues

Jul 01, 2014 3:52 PM  By

MarkV-headshot-webAre you thinking about using marketplaces to expand your global audience?  Mark Vandegrift, director of business management for Channel Advisor, will talk about the use of marketplaces to expand beyong the U.S. border during his  Growing Global session July 15 in Long Beach, CA.

You will receive an overview about key global marketplaces,  which countries they are open to, how critical marketplaces are to ecommerce in certain countries, and what the difference between them are. The session will offer retailers actionable tips to get started selling internationally and provide insights into what marketplaces are doing to facilitate cross-border trade. Vandegrift said his session will also present new, additional opportunities abroad as well as the opportunity to hear from David Duong of Shoe Metro with cross-border trade experiences to share.

Vandegrift said there are several things to consider when deciding which marketplaces to pursue; first and foremost the retailer must identify countries that offer the best business opportunity and then focus on the marketplace that covers the region.

“Retailers should also consider whether or not they can meet the requirements of the specific marketplace along with how actively the marketplace serves cross-border seller,” said Vandegrift.

As a Growing Global attendee, you will hear ideas/case studies that companies are using to sell globally today. Equally as beneficial, you will hear what is not working … so you can save time, and sell more, faster. The benefits of learning from others can mean months saved in time to market and thousands/millions in sales.

As an attendee of this event you will learn to identify the largest areas of opportunity, strategies and tactics for selling more and boosting operational efficiency in a two day schedule that is conducive to learning. See the agenda at a glance here.