Meeting Consumer’s Email Expectations

May 30, 2013 2:59 PM  By

Recent studies have found that 90% of online consumers subscribe to a brand via email, according to an article on  There are four types of email content, consumers are expecting today.  Looking at the top “motivations to subscribe” across various countries, consumers will primarily categorize that they want one of four things from a brand’s email messaging.  According to the article, statistics come from the Exact Target’s 2013 Global Executive Summary.  

Here are the top four motivations to subscribe:

1.      Discounts and money-off promotions

2.      “Free stuff” or giveaways in exchange for their email address

3.      Up-to-date information on a company’s products, services, or offerings.

4.      Advance notice of new products or future release

According to the article, in every country according to Exact Target’s research, the top reason consumers subscribe to a brand’s email is to either receive discounts and money-off promotions. In the UK, the second most common reason of free stuff or giveaways in exchange for a consumer’s email address is the same in the UK, Australia and France.  

In Brazil and Germany, advanced notice of new products and keeping up to date with a company’s products were among the top three reasons for subscribing in both countries, according to the article.