New LDS Products

I-Centrix has unveiled a postage optimization service which helps marketers make the most cost-effective use of different postal rate tiers, while increasing response potential of each mailing by adding names from the Abacus Alliance.

I-Bundle Plus
enables marketers to drop names with exceedingly high postage costs; it also opens the door to new revenue opportunities by capitalizing on the purchase data from the Abacus Alliance. The purchase data can be used to identify highly responsive buyers to fill the gaps in the more profitable postage tiers.

So rather than squandering mailing budgets on names in higher-cost postal tiers, marketers can use it to achieve a high mailing density with best possible postage rates and target more names with a proven buying history.

Data solutions provider Genalytics‘ new service, On-Demand Targeting, allows B-to-B marketers to leverage automated predictive modeling techniques to identify prospective customers.

Companies can use the product to leverage advanced predictive modeling, profiling, and list scoring without the overhead of traditional analytic approaches, to identify customers and businesses most likely to respond to a marketing campaign. Because it is automated, agencies, data compilers, list brokers, and marketing service providers can offer advanced business targeting for every campaign.

The service follows last month’s introduction of Acxiom On-Demand Targeting which focuses on consumer campaigns and is also powered by Genalytics technology.

Alterian has released the Alterian Marketing Services Platform, which incorporates three key marketing functions – database, digital, and operational marketing – at both the database and application level.

For marketers, this represents the first time design, planning, multichannel execution – as well as reporting and analysis – can be executed as part of one workflow and using a common user interface.

The Alterian platform empowers marketers by managing all data, campaign planning and design, multichannel execution, reporting, and analytics through an intuitive and highly visual interface, designed for marketers by marketers.

New LDS Products

Irvine, CA-based SK&A Information Services has announced the availability of its Physician Change of Address (PCOA) service to help update national or regional physician contact lists. The PCOA service makes physician change-of-address information available to medical marketers, sales representatives, pharmacists, and anyone trying to reduce undeliverable or inaccurate communications to physicians. SK&A currently maintains contact and profile information for more than 617,000 practicing physicians, and this database is phone-verified every six months for accuracy.

Anchor Computer of Farmingdale, NY, has introduced its Anchor Address Enhancement (AAE) service to improve deliverability and ROI by correcting up to 40% of Undeliverable-As-Addressed mail. It uses a proprietary address correction methodology which compares the first name, last name, incomplete address and zip code to its MegaBase Consumer File. Using logic, the service corrects the address provided on a match, and also adds missing apartment/suite or rural route box numbers to the user’s address file.

Evanston, IL-based ConsumerBase has outlined a program to guarantee the validity of e-mail addresses for clients that complete e-mail appends. The program will give clients a 30-day window in which to receive credit for invalid e-mails appended to their files and will apply to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients.

New LDS Products

Lafayette, CO-based co-op list service Abacus launched BuyerPoint, a suite of analytical services designed to improve the decisions retailers make throughout the lifetime of a store such as site evaluation and trade area definition. BuyerPoint was designed to help retailers use actual transactional data, vs. demographic data and group-based clustering, to determine the best sites for new store locations. For store locations that are already established, Abacus is using geo-modeling techniques, rather than zip codes that fall into a certain radius around the store, to find the most highly profitable zip codes in the store’s area.

Lincolnshire, IL-based Junction Solutions has announced the availability of JunctionMCR version 4.1 for multichannel retailers. Version 4.1 enhances the order management and inventory handling functionality as well as increases security to prevent internal and external fraud opportunities. Taxation functions have also been extended to integrate to industry standard external tax calculation software for more flexibility and governmental compliance standards.

Atlanta-based nuBridges, a business software and services provider for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, has launched a comprehensive business-to-business file transfer product, Secure Transaction Manager. The company developed the product in response to an observed deficit in the file transfer software market, and offers unlimited file-size transfers, both inside and outside of the enterprise, in a fully secure environment, over any protocol, that meets all audit and regulatory requirements.