New Move Update Requirements to Take Effect Soon

Get Ready to Update Your Files More Often: As of Nov. 23 the minimum frequency for Move Update processing will be 95 days instead of 185 days. So the day the new regulations take effect, any mailings must have addresses that were updated no earlier than Aug. 20, 2008. This requirement applies to all Standard Mail; letters, flats, parcels and not- flat-machinables, along with automation-rate and presort-rate First-Class Mail.

Started in 1997, Move Update is designed to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. It allows First-Class mailers to receive automation or presort rates when they update addresses using the Address Change Service, NCOALink or another U.S. Postal Service-approved service.

The change in frequency for Move Update processing is part of Postmaster General John Potter’s attempt to reduce UAA mail 50% by 2010. But some mailers are concerned about how the USPS will determine compliance and assess the penalty. Stay tuned.