New Zealand a Hot Market for U.S.-based Retailers

Mar 12, 2014 5:16 PM  By

Jon MacDonald, CEO of New Zealand marketplace, Trade Me, is urging U.S. retailers to consider the move into cross-border trade in New Zealand, a move he says is the perfect test market, according to a press release.

“New Zealand ecommerce consumers have been strongly focused on domestic purchasing for the last decade,  but more than 50% now buy from global suppliers, as well as local online retailers,” said MacDonald.

According to MacDonald,  New Zealand provides an ideal location for retailers to extend their reach.  “With buyer demand continuing to grow strongly,  New Zealand is an ideal test bed for U.S. retailers who want to sell their goods offshore,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald said there are opportunities based on the seasons as well.  “Counter-seasonality is an interesting one – the fact is that at the same time as U.S. retailers are looking to get rid of surplus winter stock, New Zealand consumers are entering fall and preparing for the southern hemisphere winter,” said MacDonald.

New Zealand also operates a zero-sales tax system for overseas purchases less than NZD $400 (USD $330) giving U.S. sellers  potential leg-up on their retail margins, complemented by the NZD/USD exchange rate which is near record highs.