Online Shoppers Need to be Nudged

Jun 19, 2013 6:37 AM  By

Despite all the technological advancements in, and streamlining of, the checkout process, shopping cart abandonment is still a big issue for online merchants. Charles Nicholls, founder and chief strategy officer at SeeWhy, says the number-one reason consumers abandon carts is simple: They are not ready to make a purchase.

On average, seven out of 10 visitors who place an item in their cart do not complete the transaction. Timing of the transaction is a key element, as is pricing (does the consumer want to pay for shipping and handling?) and device (if the transaction begins on a smartphone, done the consumer want to finish it on a small screen?

In this video taken at IRCE 2013, Nicholls talks about how proper remarketing can nudge the customer, and remind her to complete the transaction.