How to Plan and Execute a Global Search Campaign

Jul 03, 2014 11:46 AM  By

Greig Holbrook smallAre you a global marketer just beginning your international search and conversion planning journey, or someone who’s more established yet your campaigns aren’t delivering the way they should be?

In his session at Growing Global on Tuesday, July 16, Greig Holbrook, managing director of OBAN Multilingual, will take a granular look at international search and conversion behavior market by market, from China to South America.

With over 10 years’ experience planning and delivering such campaigns, Holbrook’s expertise will allow attendees to get a much better grasp of do’s and don’ts. It will cover how to build international campaigns from scratch based on keywords, content and technical considerations.

The session will also include updates on the best local search and social media platforms by market, and a discussion on key cultural differences in multivariate testing and visibility – meaning a one size fits all approach across markets is likely to fail.

“By the end of this session you will be able to create and manage global SEO/SEM campaigns which actually deliver for you,” Holbrook said.

As a Growing Global attendee, you will hear ideas/case studies that companies are using to sell globally today. Equally as beneficial, you will hear what is not working so you can save time and sell more, faster. The benefits of learning from others can mean months saved in time to market and thousands or millions more in sales.

As an attendee of this event you will learn to identify the largest areas of opportunity, as well as strategies and tactics for selling more and boosting operational efficiency in a two-day schedule that is conducive to learning. See the agenda at a glance here.