“Power Shoppers” a Driving Force Online

Kansas City, MO–There are online shoppers, and then there are “Internet power shoppers,” according to the recent iCustomer Observer survey by communications firm Valentine Radford. The survey found that every consumer product has an audience of online power shoppers, or enthusiasts, who plan to spend nearly 40% more online during the next 12 months than the less-enthusiastic buyers.

The study, conducted with the University of Missouri, Kansas City, surveyed 25,000 online shoppers. According to the research, power shoppers, who make up one-third of online buyers, plan to spend $1,660 during the next 12 months compared to $1,200 they spent during the last 12 months—an increase of 38%. The remaining online shoppers plan to spend $680 on Internet purchases in the next 12 months.