Pre-Super Bowl Shopping Patterns Showed Broncos-Seahawks Split

Jan 31, 2014 8:10 AM  By

For some people, Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to take in a movie or hit the ski slopes, given that most of the rest of the country is glued to their screens watching the biggest game of the NFL season.

This year it’s predicted that a record 111 million viewers will be watching the Super Bowl, up from just over 108 million last year. The big game is also the third most watched television event of the year. So they’ll be watching, but which team will all these fans be rooting for?

By looking at online shopping behavior for the past couple of weeks, we can gauge fan interest in the two contenders and see which is more popular.

It turns out the numbers are pretty much equal for both teams. Out of the more than 160,000 searches for Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks-branded gear conducted on various ecommerce sites powered by SLI during the week following the NFC and AFC Championship games, Seattle led search activity by the slim margin of 2.6%.

It’s interesting to note that online site searches for both the Broncos and Seahawks were 3-4 times higher within the first three days after the championship games than during the other days of the week. This strong spike and rapid dropoff show us that to maximize their Super Bowl sales potential, online retailers need to capitalize on interest within the first few days of the conference championship games.

Meanwhile, closer analysis of the data reveals these findings…