Print and Web Catalogs Drive Superior Results for Omnichannel Retailers

EnterWorks, a market leader in master data solutions for transforming product information into persuasive and personalized content, said the combination of print and web catalogs is a defining element in omnichannel shopping experiences.

Digital catalogs and product images are essential tools in engaging online shoppers in their research cycle for products, but the reverse is also true for print counterparts mailed to homes or available at a store, which can drive both drive web traffic and catalog-based orders. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 90 million Americans make purchases from print catalogs.

“Engaging consumers through digital channels is increasingly critical to success omnichannel commerce, but having a physical catalog in the consumer’s home is still a powerful vehicle for retailers and direct marketers,” said Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks. “Consumers respond well to the look and feel of high-quality catalogs, whether they are purchasing high-end furniture and need detailed product descriptions or searching for fashion apparel and need rich images.”

For retailers focused on categories such as cosmetics and handbags, where the customer base is comprised primarily of women, print catalogs are extremely effective at driving sales. In a survey of women ages 18-30, nearly 90%  of respondents said they bought items they first saw in a catalog. Print catalogs can also raise brand awareness among consumers who aren’t familiar with the retailer or its products.

“There are so many ways that brands can leverage print catalogs, so it makes sense for retailers to deploy rich images and content through a common product information management system to serve both physical and digital commerce,” continued Chavie. “Marketers and merchants who appreciate the precision of digital marketing are finding that personalization and targeting of segments applies equally well to consumers who enjoy print catalogs as part of their shopping experience.”