Videos Production is Not As Daunting As It Seems

Aug 28, 2013 1:17 PM  By

With the holidays steadily approaching, it is important to just get a video online to boost conversion rates for your retail business. This is the advice Simon Mutlu, vice-president of sales for LiveClicker,offered during a recent interview at IRCE 2013.

Mutlu said there are a lot of places videos should be loaded other than YouTube or the product pages.  Other places like social media and affiliate networks are good places to have videos implemented.  Videos can be integrated with Commission Junction, an online advertising and marketing company or LinkShare, an online marketing solutions company.

Mutlu recommended implementing QR codes on every video so merchants can use it on all product packaging in the store.   QR code management is important as well.

For those that have yet to implement video onto their site, start by having someone create the video. Merchants don’t need to hire a videographer or a video production studio to make the video look professional.

Mutlu recommends starting with simply testing videos on the website, because even a horrible video can change conversion rates. Merchants can later replace it with a better quality video.

Mutlu said some concerns he is hearing from merchants is having the right video broadband and producing videos in general.

Merchants are concerned that producing video is a daunting task, but it isn’t as daunting as it seems, according to Mutlu.

Mutlu said he doesn’t recommend hiring an actor for the video either, it makes it look disingenuous.  Mutlu recommended having someone from the merchandising team on video that knows the product and is comfortable in front of a camera as an alternative to a professional actor.


  • Justin Evan

    CAKE also supports video. In fact many advertisers who utilize the CAKE platform use mixed media, including video.

  • treepodia

    You’re right – ‘Merchants don’t need to hire a videographer or a video production studio to make the video look professional’. Solutions such as Treepodia provide a simple answer whereby ecommerce sites can turn their product catalogue into product videos. We have hard evidence of the dramatic increases in conversion rates through the implementation of video, in some case the increases are more than 25%. Video all the way.

  • Video Production Toronto

    Of course this dosen’t really matter and I actually think this is a great idea as it makes your video’s stand out before playing them.