Rep. McHugh Proposes Another Postal Reform Bill

Washington—Rep. John McHugh (R-NY) on Sept. 28 proposed a new postal reform bill, called the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, designed to make the U.S. Postal Service more fiscally responsible and competitive. The draft legislation, which McHugh could formally file by mid-October, focuses on preserving universal postal service and enabling USPS management and employees with necessary flexibility to operate and thrive in competitive and noncompetitive markets.

“On balance, it’s a significantly improved effort that’s highly worthy of vigorous mailer support,” says Gene Del Polito, president of Arlington, VA-based Association for Postal Commerce, one of several mailer groups that banded together to help McHugh rework his past postal reform bills. “It’s been long enough,” Del Polito adds, referring to McHugh’s unsuccessful efforts during the past six year to push through postal reform legislation. “I hope there will be the formulation of strong industry concensus to get the thing out of committee this time.”