Rue de France “Winding Down”

Direct Holdings Worldwide, which owns Rye, NY-based cataloger Lillian Vernon Corp., will wind down the catalog and store operations of its Rue de France brand by the end of the year.

The fall catalog, which mailed at the end of June, will be the last catalog mailed. Rue de France also operates, a full-price store in Newport, RI, as well as an outlet store, Le Warehouse, in Portsmouth, RI. The company markets French-lace curtains and other French-inspired decor items.

Direct Holdings decided to allocate its resources toward its top producers: Lillian Vernon and the Time Life books and video business. Rue de France founder Pam Kelly is expected to help with the transition through the end of the year.

Lillian Vernon acquired Rue de France in February 2000. At the time of the sale, Rue de France’s revenue was estimated at $5 million-$6 million. According to its datacard, Rue de France has 27,849 12-month buyers. The average unit of sale is $180.00.