Saks Quietly Sells Bullock & Jones

Retail giant Saks has sold men’s cataloger/retailer Bullock & Jones. But the question remains, To whom?

When CATALOG AGE called Saks to confirm the deal, spokesperson Julia Bentley would say only that Bullock & Jones was sold to “a Maryland-based company for an immaterial sum.” According to the San Francisco Business Times, at the time of the sale, the catalog accounted for two-thirds of Bullock & Jones’s $30 million in sales.

One of the partners in the mystery company is Eric Goodwill, son of Bullock & Jones’s former owner Sidney Goodwill. Eric Goodwill confirmed that he is now president/CEO of Bullock & Jones, but he would say little else about the acquisition.

Having sold Bullock & Jones, Birmingham, AL-based Saks’s only remaining catalog title is women’s apparel book Folio. But Folio won’t be with Saks for long. The company said in October that it was trying to sell the title. If it doesn’t find a buyer by the beginning of the year, however, Saks will stick with its plan, announced last year, of simply eliminating the Folio catalog.