Custom Content and SEO Boost Sam Ash’s Traffic and Sales

Jul 26, 2011 3:51 AM  By

An SEO and custom content campaign conducted by search engine tracker AdGooroo and online marketer Rocket Clicks for Sam Ash has helped the musical instrument retailer grow its online business.

Six months after the program began, experienced a 15% increase in organic search traffic and a 30% increase in year-over-year sales for the month of April 2011. What’s more, Sam Ash saw a 29% increase in overall sales, which include both phone and ecommerce.

What did the companies do for Rocket Clicks used a two-pronged approach to improve the retailer’s organic search ranking on search engines with the goal of increasing site traffic and making it easier for visitors to find and buy merchandise from Sam Ash.

Rocket Clicks started by developing relevant, unique website content. The content creation strategy focused on overhauling existing content, creating buyers’ guides and how-to articles, and establishing content hubs on topics meaningful to instrument buyers such as electric guitars, home recording, and specific instrument brands and models.

The company then used AdGooroo’s Link Insight tool to plan and execute a white-hat (acceptable) link-building program for

According to AdGooroo founder/CEO Richard Stokes, several of Sam Ash’s competitors were focused on black-hat SEO techniques and web spam sites to build their traffic. The success of the Sam Ash campaign is a testament to the value of white-hat link building strategies, he notes.

Collectively, the new content helps Sam Ash prequalify users, assist customers in their purchase process and generate inbound links from trusted, authoritative sites, said Sam Ash CEO David Ash in a statement.