Taigan Targeting Latin American Shoppers on YuuJuu Marketplace

Taigan.com launched a partnership this week with YuuJuu.com, an ecommerce marketplace, connecting Latin American consumers to highly sought-after products and brands from the United States.

Through this relationship, Taigan will expand its reach to new customers in multiple Latin American countries, while YuuJuu will gain access to myriad designers (hand-selected by Taigan’s team) to offer to its current, loyal clientele. Categories offered by Taigan will include men’s accessories, women’s apparel and accessories, home décor and children’s.

YuuJuu is an affiliate of 28 year-old logistics company Aeropost, which specializes in cross border fulfillment from its American vendor clients to its Latin American consumers. YuuJuu is focused on introducing and selling American goods overseas in an e-commerce context. Aeropost manages all aspects of cross-border and shipping logistics and Taigan delivers extraordinary products. By joining forces with Taigan, Aeropost is building YuuJuu as its luxury market brand, targeting an affluent demographic in several Latin American countries.

“YuuJuu is an ideal partner for us to expand our ‘cross-border’ business,” explains Taigan CEO Elizabeth Nichols. “Not only do they have huge brand equity as a reliable process/delivery solution to their large customer base, but they also have an audience seeking special, unusual, upscale product, which has formerly been difficult to attain.”

YuuJuu’s distribution center is located in Miami, FL, and upon launch, Taigan will provide fifteen designers and artisans to be delivered to Latin America. Over the coming weeks, more designers will continue to be added to the current Taigan designer offering.

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