Tips for Effective Email Marketing

May 22, 2013 2:30 PM  By

Email marketing is the most effective tactic according to 55% of marketing professionals and plays an important role for ecommerce merchants, according to a whitepaper by Listrak.  Since it is known to return more than $40 per dollar spent, makes its cost effectiveness undeniable.

Successful email marketing program needs to begin with a sizable list of subscribers in which the merchant can reach out for marketing messages.  According to the whitepaper, 71% of B2C email marketers surveyed in the 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey reported growing and retaining subscribers was a goal over the next year to increase the ROI of their email marketing programs. 

Listrak solution consultant and senior ecommerce email marketing strategist Joe Devine said, “Acquisition is hugely important in the email channel. After all, we can’t be effective in email without an audience.”

He went on to say there are many solutions that can help achieve the goals of list growth, subscription and customer acquisition, but they’re not created equal, according to the whitepaper.  List growth for the sake of simply adding more numbers to your email list, while achievable, doesn’t align with your ecommerce email marketing goals. 

“Prompting and motivating folks to subscribe may definitely get you closer to your goal, but in the end, the real desired result is acquisition coupled with purchases,” said Devine.