Users Generate 70% of Pinterest Engagement

May 02, 2013 8:14 PM  By

Pinterest--300Even though 70% of Pinterest engagement are generated by users, according to a study from Digitas and Curalate, in an article by ClickZ, retailers aren’t embracing it. 

According to the ClickZ article, Digitas and Curalate found only 18 percent of fashion retail brands pin items on Pinterest.  The study found that the average retail fashion pin by a brand receives about 46 pins.

One industry, according to ClickZ, found to be very active in the Pinterest community was electronic brands.  Digitas and Curalate found that 47 percent of electronic industry pins were made by brands, according to the article.

The study was created using statistics from over 10 million Pinterest pins, comments and likes. Digitas and Curalate examined Pinterest data from over 120 brands for the study, according to the article.  In the past few years, Pinterest use for marketing has gained momentum.  Last month, Pinterest introduced analytics for verified brands in a bid to improve marketers’ experience with the social network.