Vince Camuto Expands Digital Engagement to Young Millennials

May 22, 2014 10:58 AM  By

VinceCamuto-300When I attended the IRCE Focus: Brands & B2B show in New York earlier this week,  I had the opportunity to hear Larry Promisel,  senior vice president of digital commerce at Vince Camuto, speak about how the brand (a very lovely apparel and shoe brand in case you weren’t aware) is targeting young millennials.

Promisel said Vince Camuto has a college program known as “Vince Camuto on Campus”  that is designed to create peer-to-peer digital engagement for the brand.  The company appoints one brand manager and one “fashionista”   spread the word about who they are.

Promisel said the program targets millennials and their networks.  It increases social engagement and brand awareness.

According to the Vince Camuto on Campus Facebook page which launched in 2011,  the program allows students to be in the know about all fashionable events, contests and giveaways.

“You will find us all over, from the library to the quad, to spread the best trends and newest looks,” according to their Facebook page.

The Facebook page offers college-aged kids all the information they need about fashionable deals and events brought to them through campus representatives.

I love this brand, I personally discovered them about a year ago when I was shopping with a friend of mine at Lord & Taylor.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular that day and ended up finding a pair of Vince Camuto ballet flats.

Prior to this moment, I had never heard of the brand, and then I instantly fell in love.

Of course the first thing I did once I realized how much I loved these flats was tell every shoe lover, I knew about these shoes and how they had to have them.  And of course I did it on my Facebook page and  through text message.

I was excited to hear Promisel speak and thought that the way they were targeting this young demographic was an excellent way to introduce the brand to the masses.

The younger generation is constantly sharing information via their social networks so what a great idea to bring the brand to the campus.

Promisel said Vince Camuto basically graduates with the campus representatives, they recruit and has even gone so far to get the students an interview suit and some campus representatives were even hired as part of their company.

How great is that?

  • christimathews

    This is a good news as the Vince Camuto is expanding its business. This firm is seeking for the smaller digital platform companies.