Deloitte Survey Reveals Strong Smartphone Presence this Holiday

Nov 13, 2012 1:34 AM  By

Smartphone owners are expected to head to the internet in droves this holiday season and spend more money than their counterparts, according to a Deloitte holiday survey.

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Of those surveyed, 68% of said they will primarily use their smartphones to locate stores, compare prices, and to obtain product information but, most importantly, they are expected to shell out $1,428 on holiday related spending.

Deloitte also found that in-store sales will also be influenced by consumers’ smartphones and will account for $36 billion, or 5.1%, of total holiday retail store sales, according to the survey.

This holiday season wi-fi, apps, and location-based promotions by retailers can help connected shoppers “make an immediate buying decision in the store,” Alison Paul, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP, and retail and distribution sector leader, said in a press release.

Online shoppers, Deloitte found, are also looking to get some things for free. According to the holiday survey, 71% said they are more likely to shop with an ecommerce site that offers free shipping. Fifty-six percent said they would also shop with a certain retailer if they offered free returns.

But it’s not just about who offers the best free stuff, according to Deloitte, consumers also want to go through retailers who have the most knowledgeable staff.

“The store continues to be central to holiday shopping, but its role and that of the store associate is evolving as the physical and virtual shopping experiences merge,” Paul said in the release.

Fifty-six percent of shoppers told Deloitte they were most likely to buy from a retail store with a knowledgeable sales staff and 38% said they expect store associates to have the ability to match prices.

Store associates, Paul said in the release, “should have the ability to make price-matching decisions on the spot, and be well-versed on promotions and products that customers are viewing via the retailer’s mobile and online channels.”

Erin Lynch is the associate editor at Multichannel Merchant. Erin can be reached at 203-358-3755 or by emailing her at You can also follow her on Twitter at @LynchMCM or on LinkedIn.