Anticipated Dept. of Transportation Approval of EZ-Poly Concrete Filler!

Jan 27, 2005 2:50 AM  By

After six months of a scheduled twelve month spall repair test on the Pearl River Relief Bridge Deck on highway MS25 near Jackson, Mississippi, Dept. of Transportation State Research Engineer Randy Battey has indicated it anticipates unrestricted approval of Valiant Technologies Inc.’s EZ-Poly Concrete Filler (formerly called RayCrete) on all concrete pavement surfaces in Mississippi. DOTs around the country are in the process of testing VTIs products for approval.

“Interestingly enough it appears that since construction repair of the MS25 Pearl River Relief Bridge Deck we have lost a portion of the existing bridge deck adjacent to the EZ-Poly, but the EZ-Poly appears to be maintaining its integrity to this point said Battey. It appears that we lost a little of the feather edge at the top of the patch but only because of the loss of concrete beneath the patch. During the next six months we will continue to evaluate the EZ-Poly product before submitting it to the New Products Committee for approval on all concrete pavement surfaces. We anticipate unrestricted approval of this product”.

Valiant Technologies Inc.’s EZ-Poly Concrete Filler is a new and innovative specialty adhesive for the home and industrial markets. It is a two-part polyurethane-based specialty adhesive filler sealant engineered to structurally bond, rebuild and protect concrete, brick, stone, masonry, plaster, ceramics, tile, and other construction materials without shrinking or popping out. Has easy to use SpakPakT delivery system and can be applied on wet or dry surfaces. When freshly mixed it is a liquid that pours into hard to get to cracks and spaces, curing in 20 minutes to a non-sag paste that can be shaped, carved and painted. In two hours it is like a hardwood that can be shaped, drilled, sanded or stained. Fully cured in 24 hours it exceeds 3000 PSI compressive strength, and is completely shatterproof. Safe to use, not an epoxy, non-flammable, no odor, no toxic fumes, no VOCs, not D.O.T. regulated, environmentally sensitive. For more information, go to > , email or call (877) 729-2738.