Tips on Using Mcommerce and Tablet Commerce

Jan 06, 2012 2:45 AM  By

Since mobile and tablet commerce are burgeoning forms of technology poised to become a larger part of the retail landscape this year, it might be helpful for merchants to receive some tips from an industry expert.

Whether a merchant has started using mobile or tablet commerce or is considering it, Joan Abrams, director of ecommerce for gifts merchant Ross-Simons, offers some tips to keep in mind.

For mobile devices, non-tablet:

Focus on navigation. Make it easy for users to navigate to your most important categories.

Eliminate non-essentials. Ease of use is key.

Edit your merchandise assortment so search results are reasonable.

Make the search box very prominent.

For tablets:

Develop all new functionality to work on the tablet.

Remove sliders, hovers and anything that doesn’t work on a tablet from your desktop site.

Make sure your navigation links and buttons have enough space to tap using a finger on a tablet. It’s less precise than a mouse.

For both:

Make sure your IT, marketing and customer service staffs have mobile devices to fully understand the customer experience.

Create a benchmark of your mobile/tablet analytics now so you can compare post-launch.

If you’re not sure if your customers are on mobile devices, see how many of them are opening their emails on mobile devices.

If you’re waiting to see if mobile/tablets take off, don’t wait. They are.


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