Gender-based Retargeting Works for Karmaloop

Jun 14, 2011 5:59 PM  By

Gender-based ads are two times more effective than gender neutral ads at driving traffic back to online streetwear retailer Karmaloop’s ecommerce site, according to a test conducted by retargeting firm MediaForge.

What’s more, MediaForge found out that that men were much more likely to return to the site to purchase than women.

The study, conducted this spring over a period of 30 days, served personalized, interactive display ads to three segments of site abandoners. One control group was served gender-neutral ads, while the other two groups were served gender-specific ads to determine the effectiveness of gender-based messaging.

Here’s what else MediaForge found out when conducting the test:

  • Ads targeting men generated over five times more revenue than gender-neutral ads
  • Ads targeting women were clicked two times more and generated just under five times more revenue than gender-neutral ads
  • Clicks on male-targeted ads converted to sales at triple the rate of gender-neutral ads, while clicks on the female-targeted ads converted at double the rate of gender-neutral ads
  • Ads targeting women are clicked more often, but convert to sales at a lower rate compared to the ads targeting men

Overall, the addition of gender-specific ad delivery to the MediaForge retargeting program increased efficiencies for by 35%.