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It is all about customer service for eyeglass startup, as the company looks to go above and beyond the call in creating a great experience.

“We like to identify an experience that solves that customer’s problem,” said Amy Larson, vice president of ecommerce and marketing for, during eTail East.

Larson said the company’s culture ensures that everyone has to live and breathe the customer first.

“We want to remove everything customers dislike about the process,” said Larson.

The company has about 3,500 glasses SKUs and 2,500 sunglasses SKUs. Through its mobile app, allows customers to virtually try on glasses by snapping a photo of themselves and visualizing how they’ll look.

“People who use the virtual try-on tend to buy more expensive items,” said Larson. “We actually have a high average order size compared to competitors. Consumers have responded well to it.”

The company has also developed an in-home trial where customers are shipped a pair of glasses to try free for 15 days.

Larson said used to require customers to provide prescription information on the website. Now customers can just take a picture of the prescription and send it, and takes the information to fulfill the order; they’ll even call the optometrist on the customer’s behalf if there are any questions.

“We think it is a great experience for customers,” said Larson.  “We’re hoping to migrate the customer mindset from ‘have to wear these’ to ‘love to wear these.’ ”

The customer experience continues in the call center as well, where answers 90% of the calls on the second ring with a live agent. They also want these “glasses gurus” to express their personalities to the customer.

“We don’t have scripts at all, we just ask them to tell customers the call is recorded,” said Larson. “We don’t have a scorecard on how they did, but we do coach them on how to think, not necessarily how to go through a checklist.”

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