Hhgregg Aligns Itself with New Branding Purpose

May 14, 2014 11:13 AM  By

The impetus of hhgregg’s brand transformation came after the company’s CEO articulated a branding purpose to “inspire and delight” its customers.

According to Julie Lyle, chief marketing officer for hhgregg,  the overall goal for hhgregg is to fill a customer’s home with happy, from shopping to delivery.  The company strives to make sure customers love what they buy for their home.

“We are committed to differentiating ourselves to this highly commoditized space,” said Lyle.  “We’re very passionate about understanding our customer, and drive total experience around the relationship.”

According to Lyle, based on the company purpose hhgregg needed to reevaluate its brand positioning.

“We found the way we were going to market our advertising and positioning didn’t align with the corporate purpose,” said Lyle.

Lyle said customers asked the company to extend its in-store experience to new product categories, new sales channels, and their pre and post purchase journey.  The answer to the customer’s requests was a brand transformation.

“We believe the key to creating the home of your dreams lies in making sure it expresses the unique way you live,” said Lyle. “We exist to make absolutely sure you love what you buy for your home.”

The brand transformation will encompass all customer touch points, including its online presence and all 228 store locations.

Immediate brand transformation launches include: an updated company logo, enhancements to the company and brand purpose, and a new series of national television commercials.

Over the next year, hhgregg will roll out new tools for associates,  an omnichannel product evolution and increased community engagement.

The brand transformation will be supported by TV and radio advertising, expanded digital and social media efforts, store-level activities,  community engagement initiatives, online promotions, social sharing contests,  giveaways,  and public relations strategies.

Lyle said customers give a lot of credit for the knowledgeable and helpful associates, but hhgregg’s advertising wasn’t telling that story, nor was it communicating that it wanted its customers to love everything they bought.

Lyle confirmed that the brand transformation was not a reaction to a decline in sales.  It was a reaction to an opportunity.

According to Lyle, the company continues to make an attempt to tie all the selling channels together.

Lyle said hhgregg clearly has competitors based on assortment, but the company feels it can offer a better and positive experience while still keeping competitive pricing.