OverstockArt.com Celebrates Mom With a Pinterest Contest

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OverstockArt.com is once again heading to Pinterest to celebrate mom with a Mother’s Day Pinterest contest.

“It’s something we started last year,  we think we might do a tradition each year,” said Amitai Sasson,  VP of Marketing and Development for overstockArt.com.

Customers need to create an “overstockArt Mother’s Day Sweeps” board using their account on Pinterest and pin five overstockArt.com framed art images.   To submit to the board, customers are asked to copy and paste the URL of the Pinterest board in an entry form.

According to Sasson, with this type of contest, generating engagement is important.  In addition,  the contest brings new customers.

“Last year we had close to 1,000 boards created,” said Sasson, who hopes to double that number this year.

Sasson said the company chose to use Pinterest because their product is image heavy and their clientele is the right customer base.  The Pinterest user demographic is similar to overstockArt.com’s customer base, which is female homeowners between the ages of 35 and 55.

“I think retailers should consider this, especially if you are in the home décor space,” said Sasson.

Sasson said with the Pinterest contest there is a lot of interaction from Pinterest coming to the website, and a lot of people are signing up.

“The budget is very low for this contest,” Sasson said. “We developed it in-house, we developed the concept.”

Those who enter get the chance to win a $500 gift for overstockArt.com oil paintings, prints and ceramic tiles.

Sasson said they are having a great Mother’s Day season,  and while Pinterst isn’t a great converter, the company expects it will build recognition over time.  This contest also allows the company to gather participants’ email addresses.

Sasson said aside from making this an annual Mother’s Day contest, the company plans to do this around the holiday season as well.




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