What to Consider With International Shipping

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Beginning international shipping for your retail business isn’t an easy task to undertake and there are many things to consider before you decide to embark on the overseas journey. Here are four tips for merchants that are considering incorporating international shipping into their businesses.

Every Possible Payment Method
Before jumping the global gun, retailers need to make sure they offer every payment option that is used in every country they are shipping to.  Not every country accepts the major credit cards used in the United States.  – Retailers Need to Understand International Shipping

Giving International Customers Accurate Fees
Since shipping in the U.S. is eight times more expensive than shipping in other countries, retailers need to give international customers accurate quotes on fees – or else the retailers will be the ones to suffer the financial consequences.  – Executive  Summary Report: International Business

In-house or Outsourcing with Global Shipping
Merchants can choose to build in-house capabilities with staff learning to import and export regulations to deal with the complexities and logistics can outsource when it comes to global shipping.  Outsourcing allows merchants to go after the larger scale and not just a few countries – Why U.S. Merchants Need To Expand Their Borders

Global Consideration
Factors to consider with global:  market size, language, duty barriers, shipping costs –“Going Global?  Learn Where to Focus Your Efforts, How to Be Essential” at the 2013 Operations summit.