20th ANNUAL Catalog Awards

You’re not getting older, you’re getting better” — that certainly applies to our industry. The possibilities of catalog marketing have expanded thanks to the Internet and other interactive media, as well as to improved print and production technologies.

And this year’s crop of Annual Catalog Award winners are a case in point. Yes, they enjoy advantages that entrants of our first Awards program, 20 years ago, couldn’t even dream of (digital workflows! PhotoShop! online sourcing!). But they also face challenges that didn’t exist 20 years ago (competition from online-only merchants, increased customer expectations due to technology changes in the world at large).

The catalogers honored this year are turning the challenges to their advantage, using their print vehicles as a vital element of their overall business. It’s not just about the catalog — just as the judging itself isn’t just about the creative or the financial results. In this multichannel age, the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts — but the parts have to be pretty darn good to begin with. This year’s winners started with stellar keystones to build exceptional businesses.

Judges 2005

Geoff Batrouney | executive vice president Estee Marketing Group

Monique Berger | director of print production The Territory Ahead

John Borta | vice president, sales operations Newark InOne

Chris Carrington | president | Catalogs by Lorel

Sandra Cooper | vice president, creative account services | Marke Communications

Michael Eisenberg | director of marketing Musician’s Friend

Larry Geiger | vice president, marketing communications and membership | American Management Association

Jim Harkins | principal | Jim Harkins and Partners

Steve Hawco | vice president | Lego Shop at Home

Dan James | vice president, business development Carolina Biological Supply Co.

James Klaus | president | Children’s Wear Digest

Mary Ann Kleinfelter | owner | Marketing Solutions Today

John Lenser | president | Lenser

Neil Mulhall | president | Silhouettes

Phil Niemeyer | president | Nasco International

Don Oakes | senior vice president, direct channel L.L. Bean

Tom Rosenbauer | marketing director | Orvis Rod and Tackle

Jack Rosenfeld | president | Potpourri Group

Jack Schmid | founder | J. Schmid and Associates

Al Schmidt | president | The Schmidt Group International

Jonathan Shapiro | president | Lillian Vernon

Tom Shinick | president/CEO | Corporate Development Partners

Linda Spellman | director of direct marketing Restoration Hardware

Tom Tweedie | director, catalog and Web marketing Day-Timers

Craig Winer | vice president | Garrett Wade

Maria Youth | vice president, catalog and Internet Lenox Collections


Gordon Ellis-Brown | managing director Sundance Ltd.

Klaus Göz | director of business development Accenture GmbH

Martin Gross-Albenhausen | group publisher | FID Verlag GmbH, Der Versandhausberater

Iain MacDonald | principal | Casa Consulting

Fabian Villegas | president | LatinoDirect



p. 17 | Catalog of the Year AND Computer Equipment and Software | Black Box Corp., Network Services 2004-2005

p. 18 | Apparel | L.L. Bean, Clothing for Women, Holiday 2004

p. 20 | Business Clothing | Aramark, Outerwear Buying Guide, Vol. C165

p. 22 | Business Specialty Products | Galls, Law Enforcement 2004 Summer Catalog

p. 23 | Children’s Products | Hanna Andersson, Holiday 2004

p. 24 | Consumer Specialty Products | Patagonia, The Edge Book, Winter 2004

p. 26 | Food | Harry and David, Holiday Book of Gifts 2004

p. 27 | Gardening | Jackson & Perkins, New Roses 2005

p. 28 | Gifts Over $75 | L.L. Bean, Holiday Gifts 2004

p. 30 | Gifts Under $75 | Harry and David, 2004 It’s Not Too Late!

p. 31 | Hardware | McFeely’s Square Drive Screws, 04K

p. 32 | Industrial Supplies | New Pig Corp., The Big Pigalog, 2005 Buying Guide

p. 33 | International Business-to-Business | New Pig Corp., The Big Pigalog, 2004 Buying Guide (UK)

p. 34 | International Consumer | United Rentals, Catálogo de Equipos en Alquiler 2005

p. 36 | New Consumer Catalog | Mayfire, BMW MotoGuide 2004

p. 37 | Office Supplies, Furniture, and Stationery | Office Depot, Big Book, August 2004

p. 38 | Retail Traffic Driver | Patagonia, Fall 2004

p. 40 | Sporting Goods | The Orvis Co., The Sporting Tradition, Fall 2004

p. 41 | Travel | Wilderness Travel, Journeys for the Year 2005

p. 42 | Wholesale/Dealer | Jackson & Perkins, New Roses for 2005



Company information for each profile has been provided by the Award entrants. Profiles written by Sherry Chiger, Melissa Dowling, Rama Ramaswami, and Heather Retzlaff. For information about entering next year’s Awards, contact Heather Retzlaff at 203-358-4233 or hretzlaff@primediabusiness.com



Black Box Corp. | Network Services, 2004-2005

It was tempting to simply cut and paste last year’s Catalog of the Year profile here, since the winner is the same. That’s right, for the second year in a row, Black Box Corp. won Catalog of the Year for its core networking services book.

But the judges have found new features to praise in this year’s entry, starting with the front cover. “The two most important elements — company name and product line indication — are foremost in the creative,” said a judge. “Excellent.” The panelists also appreciated how the cover image, a close-up of input plugs and jacks for data, voice, and video, “portrays the brand well” while eschewing the black background or product-clogged design typical of tech covers.

Inside, Black Box doesn’t sell a single product for the first 17 pages. Instead it devotes that valuable real estate to establishing its credentials, describing its services, and sharing customer testimonials. With its free round-the-clock tech support, installation services, “one source complete solutions” (“a single point of contact for design/engineering, products, installation, and maintenance”), and promise to answer all calls within 20 seconds, “it looks like no one could touch them in this category,” said a clearly awed panelist. “They’re the voice of authority.”

Several of the judges admitted that they knew next to nothing about the Black Box product line, which encompasses cables, connectors, desktop telephony, modems, transceivers, workstations, and even cabinets and racks. But after reading through the copy, said one, “I’m starting to believe I could network my offices with their help!”

“Every item header has a product benefit in the second line,” added another judge. “This is very effective in helping buyers to determine what each product will do for them. The large amounts of data are very well handled.” The use of bullet points to single out product features adds to the ease of reading and avoids producing dauntingly dense blocks of type.

The well-paced pagination, detailed product photography, and use of diagrams when appropriate also help to make the wealth of merchandise and information more accessible. “The design is utilitarian, but it should be,” said a panelist. Another said, “It’s a wildly intimidating product line and selection, but thanks to the design it looks like it would be easy to make choices. It makes cables and connectors look fascinating!”

In fact, when asked what this catalog does to differentiate itself from others, the judges agreed that it makes “mundane products easy to understand and interesting” and that it “handles a huge product line in an effective, creative manner.” Perhaps even more important, they also agreed with the panelist who, referring to the comprehensive lifetime services offered, said, “They sell a complete solution and relationship, not product!” In an era where comparing product prices and features is as easy as a click of the computer mouse, Black Box’s decision to differentiate itself by the value of its entire offering, not just its merchandise, is a winning choice.
Sherry Chiger


1000 Park Dr. | Lawrence, PA 15055 | 724-873-7029

Company founded: 1976

Director: Julia Leigh

Printer: Perry Judd’s

Cover paper: 120 lb., Sterling

Text paper: 32 lb., Sno-Cote

Trim size: 8-3/8″ × 10-7/8″

Number of pages: 800



L.L. Bean | Clothes for Women, Holiday 2004

Is it possible to give a catalog a holiday feel without overwhelming readers with red and green furbelows? Yes, it is — as L.L. Bean’s holiday women’s apparel edition proves.

As befits its Yankee heritage, Bean is all about understatement. Its apparel offering exemplifies this: Classically styled outerwear, sweaters, pants, and the like that aren’t trendy but are never out of style either. “The merchandise is consistent throughout,” said one judge approvingly. “Nothing really innovative but very targeted.”

Warm full-page product photography homes in on the top-notch quality of the apparel. A tight shot of cashmere sweaters, for instance, is so pristine that you can all but feel them whispering against your skin. The lifestyle photography shows models wearing the apparel while sorting through pine cones, reading near a soft-focus Christmas tree, throwing a snowball — subtle reminders that the items make excellent gifts for others as well as for oneself.

The copy supports and strengthens the message of the visuals. “Dress up and dress comfortably for all your holiday occasions,” begins the description of the Velveteen Holiday Shirt. “A natural performance fabric, lightweight Chinese silk feels wonderfully soft against your skin,” promises the copy for Bean’s Silk Underwear.

Small holly icons call out exceptional values (Marled Cable-Knit Sweaters for $29, Shearling Boots for as low as $69). An icon of a sled loaded with gifts pops ups periodically to tout Bean’s “fast, reliable delivery.” Also appearing periodically are reminders of services available online, such as order tracking and Live Help.

It’s in the area of customer service, in fact, that Bean earns some of its highest scores. Paper and electronic gift certificates, monogramming and alteration services, TTY services for the hard of hearing, international delivery, gift boxing, and the famed 100% satisfaction guarantee all impressed the judging panel. “The inside front cover with the ordering and retail information is very effective — especially during the holiday season,” added a judge.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from L.L. Bean, it’s that quiet, consistent excellence can carry a brand at least as far as a loud focus on what’s hip and new. The women’s catalog offers shoppers what they expect from Bean, the panelists agreed. And given that what they expect is high-quality product and service, that’s enough.


15 Casco St. | Freeport, ME 04033 | 207 552-2428

Company founded: 1912

Director: Marcia Minter

Designer: Erica Eysenbach

Photo art director: Cheryl Donohue

Merchandisers: Sue Fuller, Becky Egers

Copywriter: Veronique McAree

Printer: Quebecor World

Color separator/prepress: Vertis

List manager/broker: Millard Group

Cover paper: 60 lb., #3 International Paper Velocity

Text paper: 38 lb., #5 International Paper Advocate

Trim size: 8″ × 10″

Number of pages: 100



Aramark | Outerwear Buying Guide, Vol. C165

We’re the Business Outerwear experts!” proclaims the front cover of Aramark’s fall outerwear catalog. And with the breadth of product displayed on that cover, Aramark lets buyers know that, regardless of whether you’re part of the ski patrol at a resort, a utility worker, or even a member of a software development team, it has an outdoor garment for you.

The front cover “not only has appealing photography, but it clearly defines their promotions,” said one panelist. In addition to the products featured, “there’s lots of brand building,” observed one judge. There’s also plenty of ordering info, as the cover includes Aramark’s URL and toll-free phone number.

Inside the book, the merchandising stays true to the outerwear theme, remarked a judge: “Aramark does a great job with additional product to help add to the average order value.” For instance, along with the down jackets, fleece vests, and insulated coveralls, it sells a variety of gloves, hats, and hoods to keep workers warm and average orders high.

The design and copy both drew “excellent” ratings from the judges. “I like the mix of active outdoor photography mixed with studio shots and illustrations,” said one panelist. Another panelist pointed out that the book provides “an upscale setting for something basic — it feels like it’s offering quality merchandise.”

Aramark also makes good use of informative copy, such as a sidebar titled “What exactly is Thinsulate insulation and how does it stack up for warmth?” Another sidebar with the heading “Four-Layer Technology” explains the construction of the company’s four-layer parka. Large-type prices “are helpful and easy to read!” exclaimed a judge. The warmth rating dot whacks throughout let you know whether a coat will keep you toasty should the temperature drop to 15 degrees…or to 25 below zero.

The customer service policies are sprinkled throughout the Outerwear Buyer’s Guide, with “good promotion of savings,” a judge said. But the most compelling evidence that Aramark is worthy of a Gold Award: “Results were excellent and highly profitable,” said one judge.

Another panelist added that the catalog “does a great job making outerwear exciting to shop for.” But the highest praise for the catalog came from yet another judge, who called Aramark “The L.L. Bean of uniforms.”
Melissa Dowling


141 Longwater Dr. | Norwell, MA 02061 | 781-763-4401

Company founded: 1959

Director: Cheryl Hammond

Art directors: Chris Green, Rick Morin

Merchandiser: Judith Dunning

Copywriters: Everett Spencer, Joe Calapai

Photographer: John Burke Photography

Printer: R.R. Donnelley

Color separator / prepress provider: Color Associates

List broker: Merit Direct

Cover paper: 60 lb., #5 Madison Connection

Text paper: 34 lb., #5 UPM gloss

Trim size: 7-7/16″ × 10″

Number of pages: 104



Galls | Law Enforcement 2004 Summer Catalog

Galls Law Enforcement 2004 Summer Catalog is the book that cops have dreams about — and criminals have nightmares about. This heavy-hitter packs in everything from bulletproof vests to car warning lights into a surprisingly compact 436 pages. With its low prices, targeted merchandising, and focused marketing, this catalog earned a citation — er, Gold Award.

The front cover’s image of a criminal being restrained with a new type of handcuff immediately identifies what’s inside. The coverline “New! Galls has it first!” screams to customers that this book carries all the latest and greatest in law enforcement gear. The back cover, with a picture of an injured officer undergoing medical attention, is equally effective at grabbing the recipient’s attention and at selling a Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit. “If you work around firearms you need this kit,” the copy reads. Both covers pull customers into the book with specific page references and product descriptions.

Galls carries that same kind of benefit-rich copy throughout the catalog by using bulleted product descriptions and charts to showcase the differences among similar products. Similarly, editorial sidebars build confidence in the company and educate customers about merchandise specifics.

For instance, one sidebar explains differences in handgun retention levels, reminding customers that higher retention levels may make it “more difficult for your weapon to be taken away from you, but keep in mind that no holster is 100% ‘grab proof.’” It’s editorial like this that lets customers know Galls is interested in their safety as well as in their orders.

The judging panel agreed that the company’s No Hassle Guarantee, stated twice on the order form, is a giant advantage and shows the emphasis that the company places on customer service. Returns are easy, with Galls even allowing returns without the original packing slip. And overnight and next-day delivery, special noncatalog orders, and five ways to order — including five stores — make ordering convenient and customer-friendly.

Although Galls’ Law Enforcement catalog offers a huge, in-depth merchandise selection, judges praised the catalog for maintaining an extremely focused marketing effort. From cover to cover, the book never veers off course. Stellar photographs, superb merchandising, creative copy, and solid customer service make this catalog a winner. As one judge commented, “It’s the best catalog I’ve seen!”
Heather Retzlaff


2680 Palumbo Dr. | Lexington, KY 40509 859-266-7227 | www.galls.com

Company founded: 1967

Printer / prepress provider: R.R. Donnelley

List broker: Direct Media

Cover paper: 130 lb., Westvaco Sterling Ultra

Text paper: 28 lb., Madison SCA

Trim size: 7-3/4″ × 10-1/4″

Number of pages: 436



Hanna Andersson | Holiday 2004

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Hanna Andersson’s winning Holiday 2004 edition is that it approaches its target customers seriously and thoughtfully, without stooping to the “cuteness” often associated with children’s apparel.

The first thing that strikes you about the catalog is what a superlative job Hanna Andersson has done in terms of design and production. Our judges raved about the book’s ease of use, clean and stylish layouts, and high-quality printing. They were highly impressed with the colorful front cover shot, which, one of them said, “represents the brand really well without being over the top.”

The catalog’s merchandising received kudos as well, particularly the mix-and-match ideas for many items, the “family ties” created through look-alike apparel for parents and children, and the off-model photos of products worn by models elsewhere on the spread that show the items in all the colors and patterns available.

Descriptive and benefit-oriented copy supports the merchandise and excels in explaining why these products are superior to seemingly similar items sold by other apparel merchants. To wit: “Our fleecy flannel plaid is brushed for softness that rivals our coziest knits, then cut generously for comfort…” And “Exquisite flowers in rich purples, reds and pinks run like quietly flowing ribbons on this beautifully printed Danish velour…”

The catalog is customer-friendly to boot, offering Christmas delivery for orders placed as late as Dec. 23, clear instructions, and helpful size conversions (“Sizing by height is easy and accurate…No need to ‘buy big!’”). The center spread also provides information on the company’s use of organic fibers and its nonprofit Hanna Andersson Children’s Foundation.

The judges considered this book exemplary and felt that a lot could be learned from it. One of the lessons is that it always pays to do one thing well. Hanna Andersson never wavers from its focus on high-end clothing with a European flair, targeted squarely toward upper-income consumers. Using photography, layouts, and color to tell a story, establish unity of brand and style, and carry the shopper through the book, the Holiday 2004 catalog also pulls off a feat that is rare in the industry: It evokes the spirit of celebration without religious overtones, or, as one perceptive judge noted, shows you “how to sell holidays with very little Christmas.”
Rama Ramaswami


1010 N.W. Flanders St. | Portland, OR 97209 | 503-553-3502

Company founded: 1983

Director: Mary Wilson

Creative art directors: Yvette Velasquez, Chris Moser

Production director: Jody Palzer

Merchandisers: Diane Brush, Dianne Jefferies

Copywriter: Elizabeth Gottfried

Photographers: Iridio, Pete Stone, Tara Sgroi

Marketing director: Phil Iosca

Printer / color separator / prepress provider: R.R. Donnelley

List manager / broker: Millard Group

Cover paper: 80 lb., International Paper Influence

Text paper: 45 lb., International Paper Velocity

Trim size: 8″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 96



Patagonia | The Edge Book, Winter 2004

Outdoor gear and apparel cataloger/retailer Patagonia has a serious edge: The Edge Book. The Winter 2004 edition of this title wowed the judging panel — and earned Patagonia a Gold Award.

What’s so impressive about this catalog? The front cover, for one thing. Depicting an airborne skier at dawn in backcountry Utah, the photo is “awesome,” in the words of one judge, and epitomizes the rugged lifestyle photography for which the company has become renowned.

While Patagonia lets the front cover photograph tell the story, the back cover does the heavy lifting. In addition to selling the company’s lightweight R4 fleece jacket, the back cover includes a list of Patagonia’s North American stores, contact numbers for its divisions in Europe and Asia, its toll-free number and Web address, and plugs for its gift card and environmental programs. “The back cover is a good example of having a lot of information without looking too cluttered,” said one judge.

The inside layouts tie detailed product shots to attention-grabbing action photos, “which sets the stage for need,” said a panelist. The book boasts “great spreads throughout,” added another judge, “with excellent use of color in combining nonproduct photos with products.”

Another judge gave top marks to the copy, “which pushes higher-tech material” with clean and clear benefits and justification of prices. Indeed, remarked a a panelist, garments made from weather-resistant cloth “is certainly Patagonia’s merchandising strength.” The cataloger approaches product description as pure science, noted the judges. “They provide customers with fine details on the strengths of one sweater style vs. another, making selection easier.” Related editorial also helps sell the goods.

On the service and ordering front, “you feel safe” in placing an order with Patagonia, said a judge. Another panelist pointed out that the catalog is “highly customer-oriented, with liberal return policies and the promotion of knowledgeable customer service.” The book also has a simple shipping-cost matrix and “great cross-channel promotion for retail stores,” the judge said.

But any discussion of a Patagonia catalog inevitably returns to the breathtaking photography, and how it works to expertly showcase the product line. Summed up another panelist, “It’s representation of a lifestyle.”


259 W. Santa Clara St. | Ventura, CA 93103 | 805-643-8616

Company founded: 1973

Art director: Annette Scheid

Photo editor: Jane Sievert

Managing copy editor: Kasey Kersnowski

Production managers: Sarah Sweeny, Angela Weidmann

Creative director: Hal Arneson

Merchandiser: Kevin Churchill

Marketing director: Morlee Griswold

List manager: Ken Storey

Printer: Arandell Corp.

Separator: Seven Worldwide

Cover paper: 100 lb., Patagonia 20% PCW

Text paper: 45 lb., Patagonia 20% PCW

Trim size: 8-1/2″ × 10-7/8×

Number of pages: 88



Harry and David | Holiday Book of Gifts 2004

Given that just looking at the cover can make your mouth water, is it any wonder that Harry and David’s Holiday Book of Gifts 2004 won the Gold Award in the food category?

The catalog’s front cover features glistening pears and apples partnered with succulent cherries and chocolates. Spot-on sales drivers touting “lower shipping and handling” and deferred payment further entice recipients to open the book. The back cover’s gatefold, meanwhile, helps increase average order sizes by promoting the company’s Fruit-of-the-Month Club.

Inside the book, traditional cataloging techniques such as “new” icons and credibility-enhancing sidebars work alongside the crisp photography that is a staple of the brand.

Judges scored the catalog’s merchandising as nothing less than excellent across the board. In addition to the company’s trademark Royal Riviera Pears — displayed in a photograph spanning the lion’s share of two pages alongside a headline declaring the fruit “so big and juicy, you can eat them with a spoon” — products include truffles, apples, cheese, flowers, and gorgeously packaged gift towers.

Equally as fine is the catalog’s copy. One judge declared the descriptions of the fruit as almost too good to be true. The description of fresh bing cherries is a case in point: “Just imagine their surprise when they open these lustrous, deep crimson beauties. They’re grown exclusively for us in cool, high-altitude orchards in the Southern Hemisphere. You simply won’t find them this big, sweet and crunchy anywhere else.” Not only does it paint a word picture, but it also details what sets Harry and David’s product apart from the competition’s.

The catalog makes a point of guaranteeing that all food gifts will be delivered in perfect condition. As one judge said, “I like the added assurance that the gift order will arrive to the recipient in perfect condition — just like the picture!” And five extra order blanks encourage multiple gift giving. But customer service doesn’t stop there. Harry and David also guarantees overnight shipping, unlimited returns, and personal messages on labels and greeting cards.

With 70 years of business under its belt, Harry and David has definitely found the perfect mix. “This catalog, and Harry and David in general, does virtually everything right,” said one panelist. “They have perfected their product, their photography, their branding, their messaging over the years and remain dedicated to their successful formula.”


2500 South Pacific Hwy. | Medford, OR 97501541-864-2724 | www.harryanddavid.com

Company founded: 1934

Director: Estin B. Kiger

Designers: Cheryl Lewin, Michelle Jovanovic, Dave Withers

Production director: Neal Schuler

Merchandiser: Denise Tedaldi

Copywriter: Marcus G. Smith

Photographers: Ron Anderson, Eric Groetzinger, Jim Bowie

Marketing director: Mike Zodrow

Printer: R.R. Donnelley

Color separator: Color Control

List manager / broker: American List Counsel

Cover paper: 60 lb., Influence

Text paper: 40 lb., International Paper gloss

Trim size: 8″ × 10-3/8″

Number of pages: 78



Jackson & Perkins | New Roses 2005

Exquisite,” “excellent,” and “brilliant” are among the many adjectives our judges used to praise the Jackson & Perkins New Roses 2005 consumer catalog. A repeat Gold Award winner this year, Jackson & Perkins continues to excel at selling high-quality flowers and plants through a catalog that, as one of the judges noted, has become a “benchmark” in its category.

The dramatic front cover, featuring a vase of luscious roses (of a variety named, appropriately enough, “Voluptuous”), compels not only the horticulturist but also the general reader to turn the page, which leads right into a breathtaking close-up of one of the blooms. The back cover features an area in which to ink-jet the recipient’s hardiness zone — an “excellent touch,” noted a judge.

As you might expect, the copy is a treat to read. One judge waxed eloquent, praising the writer as the “Hemingway of copy.” Compared with Hemingway’s terse prose, however, these copy blocks are far more romantic: “From the first lovely blush of its perfect, pastel pink buds to the uncommon, two-toned petals of its ruffly, finished blossoms, this fragrant, high-centered beauty forms an absolutely captivating garden focal point.” But the descriptions are also chock-full of benefits, specifications, planting information, and reasons to buy.

As for design and production, the exceptional photography alone sets this Jackson & Perkins book apart, as one judge said. Another pointed out that a key technique to steal is “the lost art of a tremendous closing spread,” which features a 25th anniversary sale amid stunning photographs of roses in a real-life setting, complete with lawn chairs and a pitcher of iced tea.

Sophisticated marketing tactics enhance the catalog’s appeal to its target shoppers. Our judges particularly liked the Rose Test Panel, which customers can join to select future Rose of the Year winners; the sweepstakes to win a seven-day Alaskan cruise; and the blow-ins that highlight inexpensive add-on products such as begonias. Even the order form is put to good use, featuring, in addition to ordering and shipping information, an index of plants, order and planting dates, planting instructions, and a plug for the J&P gift card.

As for the customer service policies, they are “clearly stated, customer-centric, easy to understand, and reasonable,” said one judge, who added, “My comfort level is elevated.”


2500 South Pacific Hwy. | Medford, OR 97501 541-864-2724 | www.jproses.com

Company founded: 1872

Directors: Estin B. Kiger, Neal Schuler

Designers: Ginny Egan, Barb McDonald

Production director: Jack Kobinsky

Merchandisers: Debra Hill, Denise Tedaldi

Copywriter: Jill Thacker

Photographers: Ron Anderson, Dave Bjurstrom

Marketing director: Glen Beasley

Printer: R.R. Donnelley

Color separator: Color Control

List manager: American List Counsel

Cover paper: 60 lb., Influence

Text paper: 40 lb., International Paper gloss

Trim size: 7-5/8″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 44



L.L. Bean | Holiday Gifts 2004

One reason that people cite for not buying apparel from a catalog is that they can’t feel the merchandise. L.L. Bean gets around that objection — and plenty of others — with its holiday gifts book.

The front cover photo is of a Wind Challenger Fleece jacket: “Feel the softness — and the quality” implores a coverline, above which is a die cut exposing a sample of the material that’s glued on the inside page. (And yes, the fleece is plenty soft.) “The die cut could have been a novelty,” said a judge, “but it’s nicely done and focuses the customer on a unique element of L.L. Bean’s offering while distinguishing the catalog from the glut of other holiday books.”

The catalog also uses copy to differentiate its offering from those of other merchants. At first glance, many of the flannel shirts and chinos seem no different from those sold elsewhere. But the descriptions make it clear that the Bean products are indeed different, and better. The copy for the Mini-Waffle-Knit Shirts, for instance, begins: “High-quality construction and premium materials set these classic shirts apart from the competition. The substantial 9 oz. cotton knit holds its shape, wash after wash, and fabric taping at the neck and side vets furthers its durability…” Even the humble doormat gets the VIP treatment, copywise: “Made exclusively for L.L. Bean, our Waterhogs are 33% heavier than similar doormats available. Extremely durable mats have a unique tri-denier fiber system, with thick fibers for scraping and thin fibers for wiping…”

“Bean has a clear product mission and consistency in selection,” noted a panelist. “They’ve developed a very strong brand image that reflects in their product.”

The catalog creative, the judges agreed, was similarly clear and consistent. Generous product shots were complemented by lifestyle photos in a design that is, to quote one judge, “open and not overly crowded, with lots of small extra information boxes.” These boxes call attention to service elements such as electronic gift certificates and order tracking services. The boxes also refer readers to the Website to see Bean’s complete product selection — a great example of cross-channel synergy.

“Bean knows what it wants to achieve with this book,” concluded a judge. “It has a very clear objective.” Assuming that the objective was to convince shoppers that when it comes to classic apparel and related home and gift items, Bean offers the best products and the easiest shopping experience, then this catalog achieves it admirably.

L.L. Bean

15 Casco St. | Freeport, ME 04033 | 207-552-2428

Company founded: 1912

Printer: Quebecor World

Color separator / prepress provider: Vertis

List manager / broker: Millard Group

Cover paper: 70 lb., #3 International Paper Influence

Text paper: 38 lb., #5 International Paper Advocate

Trim size: 8″ × 10″

Number of pages: 168



Harry and David | 2004 It’s Not Too Late!

When you’re shopping for last-minute holiday gifts, the words “it’s not too late” can be music to your ears. Harry and David knows this, and the company’s Gold Award-winning It’s Not Too Late! 2004 edition masterfully demonstrates how to get customers into the book and reassure them that they can still order holiday gifts in time.

The catalog’s cover photo — an adorable pear outfitted in a miniature red knit hit and mittens and perched on an old-fashioned sled — is “humorous, sweet, cute, playful, and true to the brand,” according to one judge. And callouts such as “70 Great Gifts Under $50!” and “New Lower Shipping and Handling,” as well as “Christmas delivery guaranteed! Order now…” provide “excellent calls to action and reasons to shop,” said a panelist. Yet another judge observed that the “cover drives you into the book hoping to find that last-minute gift.”

Harry and David’s merchandising assortment offers plenty of options for holiday shoppers — last-minute and otherwise. Gift baskets such as the Smorgasbox, the Grand Fruit Basket, and the Tower of Six Temptations are great, said one judge, while the Fruit-of-the-Month Clubs, offering natural treats from pears and pineapples to peaches and papayas, “are very enticing.” The selection is well organized, added another panelist, with “a nice variety of price points.”

Copy is yet another high point. For example, here’s a copy block selling a smoked turkey: “Appetizing fragrance and classic character make our plump entrée the star of any table. Smoked over hickory to a mild flavor you just won’t find in other smoked turkeys.” No wonder a panelist enthused that “the meats are described so well.”

The cataloger boasts it has “the strongest gurantee in the business,” and few would dispute that claim. An “excellent” reinforcement on page 2, said one judge, reminds customers that they can “call or click anytime” and lists the catalog’s toll-free number and Web address. Even more persuasive: The headline proclaims “Finish Your Shopping in the Next Ten Minutes!”

When you combine Harry and David’s catalog merchandising prowess with its creative expertise and throw in its superlative customer service, the result is “absolutely the best,” in the words of one judge. “What can one say in the face of 32 pages of excellence?”


2500 South Pacific Hwy. | Medford, OR 97501 541-864-2724 | www.harryanddavid.com

Company founded: 1934

Director: Estin B. Kiger

Designers: Cheryl Lewin, Michelle Jovanovic, Dave Withers

Production director: Neal Schuler

Merchandiser: Denise Tedaldi

Copywriter: Marcus G. Smith

Photographers: Ron Anderson, Eric Groetzinger, Jim Bowie

Marketing director: Mike Zodrow

Printer: Spencer Press

Color separator: Color Control

List manager / broker: American List Counsel

Cover paper: 60 lb., Influence

Text paper: 50 lb., Velocity

Trim size: 6-1/8″ × 10-1/2″

Page count: 32



McFeely’s Square Drive Screws | 04K

Most people don’t consider tools the most exciting things to talk about among mixed company, but panelists this year, male and female alike, were enthralled with McFeely’s Square Drive Screws’ 2004 holiday catalog. “It manages to turn a hardware book into a holiday book,” said one judge.

Panelists praised the front cover cartoon of McFeely’s president Jim Ray for bringing levity to what can be a dry product line. The cartoon features Ray as a smiling Santa Claus with two elves helping to carry a large bag of tools. “McFeely’s has a humorous approach/branding style that separates them from the competitors,” said one panelist.

The catalog is shy of 100 pages, but every judge was astounded at its deep merchandise selection. “I never knew there were so many tools and useful solutions,” said one judge. “I’m keeping this catalog.”

Accompanying the high-quality merchandise shots and periodic cartoons are hefty copy blocks. Each product is described in a style that is helpful, authoritative, and friendly. Here’s an example: “Flat head Steel screws are the ‘workhorse’ of cabinet and general show construction. Unlike most home center screws, ours are heat-treated for exceptional strength, and most sizes have a deep thread pattern which gives them incredible holding power. The Square or ‘Combo’ recess means you won’t worry about driver slippage.”

For the hardware-phobic, editorial such as “Installing Lag Screws” and “Metric Conversions! It’s No Big Deal. Really!” set forth McFeely’s as an expert and no doubt reduce customer service calls.

To cater to gift-givers leafing through the catalog, the book includes headers such as “Stocking Stuffers” (suggestions include a pocket wrench and a tape measure), “Gifts Under $50,” “Gifts Under $100,” and “Gifts From $100.” These suggestions, said the judges, make the catalog less intimidating for nonenthusiasts who are shopping for loved ones.

Customer service and ordering ease is clearly important to the folks at McFeely’s. The catalog’s “fine print” is quite the opposite, with a large heading drawing attention to the section on the order form. Most orders are shipped the day they are received, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, and return shipping is free.

What distinguishes McFeely’s Square Drive Screws more than anything else, the panel agreed, is how it strives to educate consumers in a lighthearted manner that doesn’t undermine the brand’s credibility. One panelist put it perfectly: “Tools can be fun.”


P.O. Box 11169 | Lynchburg, VA 24506 | 434-846-2729

Company founded: 1978

Director / merchandiser / copywriter / marketing director: Jim Ray

Designer / production director: Ivy Lamanna

Photographers / illustratators: Jim Ray, Tim Wilson

Printer / prepress: Quad/Graphics

List manager: Estee Marketing Group

List broker: Stan Madyda

Cover paper: 50 lb., Dependowers, #4

Text paper: 36 lb., coated #5

Trim size: 8-1/2″ × 10-7/8″

Number of pages: 96



New Pig Corp. | The Big Pigalog, 2005 Buying Guide

There’s nothing like the image of a pig to evoke humor, as New Pig Corp. has proven over and over. Pegging its 2005 master catalog as the “20th Hamiversary Edition” on the cover, the company sets the tone for the book’s clever, cheerful, yet highly informative approach to selling highly utilitarian products.

The Big Pigalog offers more than 4,500 safety, absorbent, maintenance, material handling, and containment products, all easily found via a color-coded index that also highlights new items. And the copy, as one of our judges gushed, is “second to none.” The merchandise descriptions are truly in a class by themselves: loaded with benefits, specifications, ratings, and instructions, yet compelling and even entertaining. Every headline promises a benefit (“M-Pact Gloves absorb vibration and impact,” “Laminate Cabinet stores corrosive acids”), and the company’s mascot, a cartoon pig named Sparky, pops up every now and then to offer advice and make wisecracks such as “You can judge a drum by its cover — when you use color coding!”

In addition to praising the “pig persona,” our judges raved about the catalog’s layouts. Given the amount of information crammed into them, the pages could easily have turned out to be offputtingly dense, but the creative team has enlivened them by varying their look and feel. Among the many devices to capture and maintain the customer’s interest are “Tech Tips,” boxed explanations of industrial terminology and standards, and letters from satisfied customers, titled, aptly enough, “Squeals of Delight.” Illustrations that zoom in on specific product features also help vary the pacing.

New Pig’s excellence extends to its customer service policies, which received an easy A+ from our panelists. One judge was particularly impressed by the dedication of the first three pages to customer service information, including a gatefold celebrating the marketer’s 20th anniversary with a “Swineline” of innovations, freebies, and guarantees. There’s also an entire page detailing “15 reasons why you’ll love doing business with New Pig.”

As for the judges, they repeatedly cited two reasons for giving New Pig a Gold Award: its tremendous job of making a dull product category fun and entertaining, and its outstanding customer service. As Sparky points out in the The Big Pigalog’s opening gatefold, “At New Pig, you’re always the Top Hog!”


One Pork Ave. | Tipton, PA 16684 | 814-684-0101

Company founded: 1985

Creative directors: Ames Parsons, Leroy Eckenrod

Marketing directors: Mark DeYulis, John Fraundorfer

Merchandisers: Mark Woytowich, Mike Shouldis, Tim McMillen, Dan Ferrell, Chris Iuzzolino, Ray Fedeli, Clark Stapelfeld

Copywriters: Dustin Hess, Kelly Harriger, Keith Eldred, Norman Benford

Photographers: McManus Studios, Gina Baker

Illustrator: Bruce Van Patter

Printer: Quad/Graphics

List manager/broker: Edith Roman

Cover paper: 100 lb., grade 3, Somerset gloss

Text paper: 40 lb., grade 4, Mission Web

Trim size: 8″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 456



New Pig Corp. | The Big Pigalog 2004 (U.K.)

That’s one tough Mat!” declares a cover line on the British version of the New Pig catalog, beside a photo of an elephant atop a warehouse floor mat. “That’s one tough catalog!” countered a judge, referring to New Pig’s exhaustive product line, exceptional creative and copy, and stellar customer service.

A manufacturer/marketer of industrial clean-up supplies, New Pig promises on the opening spread to offer “the biggest selection of Absorbents available” — and by devoting 35 pages to mats, pans, and other products designed to soak up spills, it appears to do just that. But the catalog doesn’t stop there. It also sells spill control products, first-aid supplies (or PPE — personal protective equipment — as per the British vernacular), safety signage, material handling items — just about anything needed for the handling of hazardous materials.

Too many options can be just as much of a drawback as too few, of course. Happily, the creative goes out of its way to simplify selecting from the myriad choices. A chart that takes up a full spread, for instance, compares and contrasts the durability, absorbency, and other features of New Pig’s 15 types of absorbent mats. Full-page photos showing the products in action also help to differentiate among similar items — as well as to enliven the catalog as a whole.

Then again, the Pigalog would be plenty lively even without the full-page photos. The cartoon pig icon used to such great effect in the U.S. New Pig catalogs has crossed the Atlantic to highlight special features in the U.K. version. So have the benefit-driven headlines (“Here’s a money-saver! Absorbent Pads and Socks that you can wring and re-use” “Maintain order in your car park!”) and bullet-pointed product descriptions. “It’s a textbook case of strong and compelling b-to-b copy,” enthused a panelist. Complementing the copy is a simple yet elegant page design that allows for enough white space (a rarity in industrial catalogs) and makes it easy to match the text to the appropriate photos.

As for its service offerings, New Pig lays them all out in the opening and closing spreads: five ways to order (phone, fax, online, e-mail, and postal mail), no minimum order sizes, free samples, next-day delivery, volume pricing, custom orders, “free product assistance and technical support before, during AND after the sale,” and a 100% money-back guarantee that is reiterated on every spread.

The U.K. Pigalog takes “a unique humorous approach, blended with outstanding copy and benefit-oriented organization,” concluded a judge. “New Pig knows its customers’ thoughts and fears and addresses all of them.”


One Pork Ave. | Tipton, PA 16684 | 814-684-0101

Company founded: 1985

Creative directors: Leroy Eckenrod, Ames Parsons

Marketing director: Allyson Bryan

Merchandisers: Mark Woytowich, Darran Hamilton

Designer: Laura Shoup

Copywriters: Kelly Harriger, Norman Benford

Photographers: McManus Studios, Gina Baker, Alan Stewart

Illustrator: Bruce Van Patter

Printer: Polestar-Chantry

List manager / broker: Edith Roman

Cover paper: 250 gsm, Woodfree art

Text paper: 80 gsm, UPM Finesse

Trim size: A4

Number of pages: 156



United Rentals | Catálogo de Equipos en Alquiler 2005

At first glance, a catalog of light and heavy equipment available for rent might not seem impressive, let alone award-winning. But our judges didn’t hesitate to bestow a Gold Award on United Rentals’ unassuming yet highly detailed, informative, and well-designed Spanish-language catalog.

The strong front cover, with its photographs of machinery in use, allows even a casual, non-Spanish-speaking shopper to understand right away what the book is about. Yellow is the dominant color on the cover, and it serves a useful purpose, as one judge pointed out, as it’s a color frequently used in equipment. The word Alquiler (“For Rent”), tinted a brilliant orange, runs up the side of an entire third of the cover, once again drawing attention to the unique nature of the merchandise.

Although the cover doesn’t segue into a dramatic opening spread, it does lead into a prominent table of contents on page three that provides a comprehensive list of the categories of equipment featured in the catalog. The pages that follow offer an encyclopedia of information about United Rentals’ affiliates, services such as maintenance and inspection programs, and supplemental items for sale.

The merchandise assortment, a vast collection of equipment from major manufacturers, contains everything from tractors to dehumidifers, highway signals to forklifts. Illustrated with straightforward photography, the products derive great benefit from copy that drills down into every aspect of their form and function, supplying measurements, models, and technical data and specifications. Yet, couched as they are in a simple yet pleasing layout, with deft use of white space, the details don’t overwhelm.

Since this is a catalog of rental items, product prices aren’t listed, but United Rentals makes it easy for readers to get that information — every page lists the company’s toll-free number and URL at the bottom. There’s no customer service information in the traditional sense, but the catalog’s state-by-state listing of branch offices and their contact information is an invaluable resource, as is the product index, which is organized both alphabetically and by contractor specialty.

It is, in fact, the supreme organization of this catalog that makes it a standout in its category, and an example of how to target a niche market quickly, easily, and with authority.

United Rentals

Five Greenwich Office Park, Third Floor, Greenwich, CT 06830 | 203-622-3131

Company founded: 1997

Printer: Von Hoffmann

Prepress provider: Anthology

Cover paper: 65 lb., Productolith gloss

Text paper: 45 lb., white #4 gloss

Trim size: 8-3/8″ × 10-7/8″

Number of pages: 162



Mayfire | BMW MotoGuide 2004

When you’re a marketer of high-end motorcycles such as BMWs and Ducatis, you need to understand your audience. Direct marketing agency Mayfire proves it has done its homework with its MotoGuide, a syndicated catalog created in collaboration with bike dealers and suppliers. The MotoGuide has captured the excitement of riding on the open road — as well as a Gold Award.

The front cover photo of two riders cruising along a winding mountain road on a sleek BMW bike conveys “the fun and the beauty of the product line, inviting the customer to open the catalog,” said one panelist. The back cover serves to drive customers into the stores and onto the retailer’s Website by including a map to the stores, their phone numbers, addresses, and directions, as well as its Website address and a message from the store’s general manager.

The merchandise is an “interesting mix of motorcycles and accessories,” said one panelist. The MotoGuide’s products include helmets, gloves, jackets, bike seats, and packs or “tank bags.” It’s not easy to merchandise a syndicated catalog such as this, noted a judge, “because it has to work for multiple vendors.”

The book was also cited for its “excellent” photography, and design that’s “neat and clean” yet with “pizzazz.” Another plus: The “clean white backgrounds on good-quality paper helps the merchandise pop,” a judge said.

Copy is the real hero of the MotoGuide, however. “A combination of emotional, persuasive text with benefit-rich merchandise descriptions plus education editorial covers all bases,” raved one judge. Another panelist cited the “nice use of editorial blocks on the bottom of the page,” such as “The Low Down on Picking Up a Motorcycle” and “When You’re Buying a Helmet Use Your Head.”

What’s more, the catalog’s use of callouts such as “Go Out for a Ride — Come Home From an Adventure” and “A Lot More Goes Into These Gloves Than Just Your Hand” help “get the merchandise story across to the reader,” a panelist said.

For certain, this is not your typical direct marketing piece, but it works hard “to get someone in the door of the store,” summed up one judge. More than that, the book whets the customer’s appetite for the merchandise, so when they visit the store, they’re ready to make a purchase.


2520 Bluff St. | Boulder, CO 80304 | 800-608-7996

Company founded: 2003

Director /copywriter: Sacha Halenda

Designers: Sacha Halenda, Lucas Deckinga

Photographer: Gregor Halenda

Illustrator: Alan Close

Printer / prepress provider: Royle Printing

List manager / broker: Robert Shires

Cover / text paper: 80 lb., Influence gloss book weight

Trim size: 9″ × 10-3/4″

Number of pages: 16



Office Depot | Big Book, August 2004

Whether a customer is ordering supplies for a big-league presentation or a bedroom office, simplicity, speed, and selection are essential. Office Depot, Gold winner for the August 2004 edition of its Big Book, delivers all three elements.

Straight off the front cover, Office Depot gets the point across that this catalog is the only place you’ll need to look for office supplies. Judges admired the catalog’s emphasis on multichannel shopping, guarantees, low prices, and free next-business-day delivery with bold capital letters. “They do an excellent job of selling the value of dealing with Office Depot,” said one judge.

Running nearly 1,000 pages, the Office Depot Big Book really is a big book. The catalog has just about every office supply imaginable, from file folders to chairs. As one judge put it, “Everything you need is there, easy to find, at a great price.”

To make such a huge book accessible, Office Depot included product and manufacturer indices. Icons call attention to Office Depot-brand products and new, recycled, or special order items. “This catalog shows that good organization can overcome the problems of selling a very broad product line,” said one judge.

So can detailed copy. As one panelist said, the catalog “does a very good job of including the benefits and the specs.” For instance, copy for E. Bluepath Window Chalk painter markers reads, “Spruce up your windows for any seasonal occasion, decorate your store windows for a sales promotion, paint messages on your car windows to celebrate a wedding, sporting event or birthday. These paint markers feature a squeeze tube to regulate the flow of paint, and the patented flow control valve makes Window Chalk easy and fun to use. And don’t worry, cleanup is a breeze! The nontoxic paint stays on in the rain but wipes off windows in a jiffy with water and paper towels.”

Paper weight is a big issue when a cataloger puts out books this big and judges were impressed with Office Depot’s choice of paper and its production as a whole. “No see-through on the paper in spite of the low poundage. This catalog is a huge job to design and produce,” said one panelist. “Well done!”

Office Depot doesn’t stop at offering customers a huge merchandise range and four ways to order — telephone, fax, Internet, and retail. It also gives them a satisfaction guarantee. “When you’re happy, we’re happy,” the catalog reads, adding that Office Depot will refund the customer’s money and pick up the item for free. “Sign me up,” said one judge. The other judges clearly agreed.


2300 Old Germantown Rd. | Delray Beach, FL 33445 561-438-4419 | www.officedepot.com

Company founded: 1986

Designer: Sandra Strasser

Production director: Suzy Campbell

Merchandiser: Mira Tringali

Copywriter: Sheri Harris

Photographer: KSC Photography

Marketing director: Dean Jackson

Printer: Quebecor World

Consultant: AGA

Cover paper: 9 pt. C2S, Sterling gloss, Meadwestvaco

Text paper: 33 lb. SCB, Bowater, Krueger, International Paper, and Irving

Trim size: 8″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 972



Patagonia | Fall 2004

One byproduct of the multichannel era is that marketing pieces often must multitask. For a cataloger/retailer, it’s not enough to produce a mail piece that sells products or drives customers to a store; the catalog now has to do both. With its fall 2004 edition, outdoor activewear manufacturer/marketer Patagonia rises to the challenge.

And as the vivid action photography throughout the catalog illustrates, meeting challenges, albeit physical ones, is a key aspect of the Patagonia brand. From the “eye-catching” front cover showing a solo climber scaling a cliff in Zion National Park to a full-page inside photo of a skier leaping off an Alp, the photography does more than show Patagonia’s vests, jackets, and pants in action; it provides an aspirational portrait of, and for, its audience.

As is usual with Patagonia, the stellar lifestyle photos work with crisp product photos and “warm, imaginative copy” to give readers a reason to buy. The description of the Super Guide Pants, for example, begins: “Chasing Glacier National Park’s stunning but fickle ice requires an epic ski in and a strong dash of hope. Super Guides afford unhindered motion, superb breathability and supple resistance to the local weather. Finer points include a brushed interior for improved comfort, removable suspenders, doubled fabric in high-wear areas…” As one judge said, “The copy builds confidence in product quality and builds credibility.”

Patagonia’s customer service policies reinforce that confidence, starting with the “ironclad guarantee” repeated throughout the book. The order form includes this reassuring note: “Our Customer Service reps know our products: what they’re used for, what they’re made from and how they work. They can help you with shipping rates as well as with questions about your orders and returns.”

But if the shopper nonetheless wants to see the products in a store, the catalog can help with that too. The back cover includes a listing of all Patagonia’s stores, not only in North America but in Europe and Asia as well. An outer wrap reinforces the retail preference by showing the product in a storefront.

And because retail isn’t the only type of traffic worth driving, the catalog displays its URL alongside its toll-free phone number throughout, and the back cover refers readers to the Website to find operating hours and directions to their nearest stores. Talk about multichannel: The catalog drives traffic to the Web to drive traffic to the stores!


259 W. Santa Clara St. | Ventura, CA 93103805-643-8616 | www.patagonia.com

Company founded: 1973

Art director: Annette Scheid

Photo editor: Jane Sievert

Managing copy editor: Kasey Kersnowski

Production managers: Sarah Sweeny, Angela Weidmann

Creative director: Hal Arneson

Merchandiser: Kevin Churchill

Marketing director: Carrie Randolph

List manager: Ken Storey

Printer: Arandell Corp.

Separator: Seven Worldwide

Cover paper: 80 lb., Patagonia 20% PCW

Text paper: 45 lb., Patagonia 20% PCW

Trim size: 10-1/2″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 80



The Orvis Co. | The Sporting Tradition, Fall 2004

You don’t have to be a hunter to be drawn in by the compelling front cover of Orvis’s Fall 2004 Sporting Tradition title. But if you are a hunting enthusiast, you’re sure to be captivated by the photo of an English pointer “on an intense point for a ring-necked pheasant,” according to the caption. The front cover isn’t Orvis’s only winner: “The back cover does a good job promoting other channels, schools, and retail stores,” said one judge.

Hunters and fishers will surely delight in the impressive array of merchandise inside the catalog. “A complete line of products that truly depict ‘The Sporting Tradition,’” said one panelist. Another judge commented on the “great blend of merchandise, from cloths to equipment to travel packages.” Even if you have no plans to pick up a rifle or a rod, you may be inspired to buy a tweed jacket, a twill shirt, wool trousers, or perhaps a piece of the catalog’s rugged Battenkill luggage.

Orvis strives for — and achieves — excellence on the design and production fronts as well. “The use of experts and location shots set the mood and really sell the credibility,” noted a judge. “Good organization, clean layouts, and use of all sale elements — testimonials, insets, and location photography — make this book just a pleasure to shop,” enthused another.

The same panelist also cited The Sporting Tradition’s “great descriptive copy, callouts, charts, and reasons to buy.” Consider the callout for a set of Merino wool long underwear: “High Performance Layers in Sheep’s Clothing.” The copy for the Ibex Shak Top begins, “Inspired by the wool clothing Shackleton wore in surviving a brutal edge of the earth expedition, the Shak top is the perfect layer of dense merino wool, knitted to give slight stretch and allow freedom of movement…”

Orvis extends its brand beyond selling products, devoting several pages to services such as its Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Program to help hunters find bird dogs, and a listing of its wing shooting destinations. The catalog also lists its stores and dealers.

When you combine Orvis’s merchandising prowess with its stellar creative and exceptional copy, and then throw in its “great order form and services,” in the words of one judge, The Sporting Tradition is hard to beat. That’s why it took home the Gold.


Historic Route 7A | Manchester, VT 05254 802-362-8587 | www.orvis.com

Company founded: 1856

Merchandise directors: Mike Quartararo, Jim Lepage

Art director: Tim Achor-Hoch

Production manager: Jon Gulley

Copywriter: Tom Murray

Photography coordinators: Arnie Bean, Bev Kerr, Tory Myler

Marketing manager: Joan Nash

Creative / advertising director: Bill Eyre

Photographer: George Benington/Macomber

Prepress / color separator / printer: Quad/Graphics

List manager / broker: Millard Group

Cover paper: 80 lb., UPM #3

Text paper: 34 lb., UPM #3

Trim size: 7-15/16″ × 10-1/2″

Number of pages: 164



Wilderness Travel | Journeys for the Year 2005

You know a catalog is exceptional if you’re compelled to read and savor every page. And so it is with Journeys for the Year 2005, a tour de force of creative copywriting, photography, design, and marketing from adventure travel marketer Wilderness Travel — the folks who won a Gold Award last year and whose catalog sets a best-practices benchmark this year as well.

Right from the start, it’s obvious that this book is special. Its coffee-table-book dimensions and rich, heavy paper signal that what’s being sold — “innovative journeys on all seven continents” — is daring, different, memorable. The striking front cover, in tones of gold and black, highlights the exoticism of what is to come.

The real star of this catalog, however, is the copy, which garnered several superlatives from our judges. “It made me want to go on several of these trips, and I’m not an adventure traveler at all!” said one. By turns practical and romantic, persuasive and benefit-laden, the copy is a superb read. In just a few sentences, for example, it captures the essence of “The Wilderness Travel Difference” and makes a succinct mission statement: “Our core philosophy has remained the same for decades: it’s not just where you travel but how you travel that makes all the difference. The ‘how’ at Wilderness Travel hinges on expert Trip Leaders — the best in the business — a meticulously planned itinerary, and the camaraderie of a small group.”

Realizing the value of its brand, and that all the beautiful pictures and high-quality printing in the world can’t make up for brand inconsistency, Wilderness Travel hammers home its core philosophy throughout the catalog. “The images, presentation, flow, and products presented in the book all work very well together and completely support the brand,” noted a judge. There’s a wealth of information about each trip, but masterful layouts and design, set off by absolutely stunning photography, make the pages a feast for the eyes as well as easy to navigate. Alongside day-by-day descriptions of each trip, quick summaries provide snapshots of the journey’s highlights, along with dates and prices.

Marketing and merchandising are impeccable: The use of customer testimonials to “sell” the trips is a great idea, and the broad selection of destinations, from old standards to hidden gems to the farthest outposts of the earth, accommodates a huge variety of travel styles and preferences. (Another bonus: Trips are rated by level of difficulty.) As one judge put it, “It’s very clear what they stand for, what they are selling, and what the customer can expect.”


1102 Ninth St. | Berkeley, CA 94710 | 800-368-2794

Company founded: 1978

Director / production director / marketing director: Barbara Banks

Designer: Krystie Bonzelet

Copywriter: Pam Shandrick

Illustrator: Julie Mammano

Printer / color separator / prepress: Overseas Printing

List manager: Ray Rodney

Cover paper: 250 gsm, matte art

Text paper: 120 gsm, matte art

Trim size: 10″ × 12″

Number of pages: 120



Jackson & Perkins | New Roses for 2005

If the Jackson & Perkins New Roses for 2005 catalog were printed with Scratch N’ Sniff, the company would have had the complete package: stunning photography, excellent product information, stellar customer service, and heavenly scent to boot. As it is, the Gold winner in the Wholesale/Dealer category comes close: “You can almost smell the roses!” raved one judge.

A luscious photo of a single classic hybrid tea rose graces the front cover and sends customers inside with page references for the bloom, which was Jackson & Perkins’s 2005 Rose of the Year. Likewise, the back cover takes us sniffing distance from three pink roses. Judges agreed that there’s no guessing what’s inside this catalog!

Judges especially enjoyed how this wholesale catalog emphasizes its unique and exclusive product line in the opening spread with editorial copy about its 19 new roses, its new Ultimate Series roses for independent garden centers only, and a new J&P Rose Book: “NEW ways to keep your business growing!” the spread declares.

New hybrids with pictures beautiful enough to frame are staples of Jackson & Perkins. The book isn’t all about the pictures, though; Jackson & Perkins’s copy also excels. For each rose there’s a descriptive copy block. “So luminous and bright, this rose is a standout in any garden, setting landscapes ablaze with its flame-colored hues,” reads the description of Wildfire. “Perfect, bright yellow buds edged in orange swirl open to classically formed, brilliant orange flowers with a light yellow reverse and a soft musky fragrance. The velvety petals have excellent keeping quality, making each long-stemmed blossom ideal for cutting.” But the text also includes details about color, bud form, petal count, foliage, parentage, and other important information. Additionally, icons note which roses were All-American Rose Selections winners, have a distinctive fragrance, or are available as a tree rose.

“What a great reference book — it could be a field guide to roses!” enthused one panelist. Downloadable artwork, custom point-of-purchase material, and rose suggestions on an insert card reinforce the company’s positioning as a resource.

Jackson & Perkins proves to be a triple threat once again with dramatic photography, excellent paper quality, and an apparent knowledge of roses. The only question: When will the catalog add that Scratch N’ Sniff component?


2500 South Pacific Hwy. | Medford, OR 97501 541-864-2724 | www.jproses.com

Company founded: 1834

Directors: Estin B. Kiger, Neal Schuler

Designer: Daena Tougher

Production director: Lisa Chang

Merchandiser: Sara Barthel

Copywriter: Jill Thacker

Photographers: Ron Anderson, Dave Bjurstrom

Marketing director: Charlie Anderson

Printer: CDS Publications

Color separator: Color Control

List manager: American List Counsel

Cover paper: 80 lb., Pacesetter gloss

Text paper: 70 lb., Pacesetter

Trim size: 8-1/2″ × 11″

Number of pages: 68



The Orvis Co., Men’s Clothing, Holiday 2004

The breadth and consistency of merchandise makes Orvis stand head and shoulders above the rest. Inspirational copy gives credence to the brand without losing focus on the products themselves.


Varsity Brands, Varsity Spirit Fashions 2004

The Varsity Spirit Fashions catalog all but overflows with energy thanks to vivid action photography shown to advantage on heavy oversize paper. While the creative builds the brand, the add-on and bundled products help build sales.


Diamondback Tactical, Volume 4

In-use photos help customers visualize how the merchandise will function in action, while strong selling copy emphasizes the company’s credibility.


American Girl, Holiday 2004

American Girl excels at taking a single product category and selling it to children and adults alike. Product copy tells a snippet of a story, and the catalog’s marketing is spot-on with careful development of a strong theme and crisp photographs.


HPShopping.com, Holiday 2004

Snappy headlines and detailed merchandise information laid out in easy-to-use charts effortlessly carry readers through HPShopping.com’s catalog.


Wilderness Travel, Journeys for the Year 2005

The catalog inspires and informs travelers, as high production values and superb design support readers’ expectations of extraordinary trips.


Harry and David, Harvest Festival 2004

Harry and David has a recipe for catalog-success with stunning photography, solid branding, and unique, top-quality produce. Short but to-the-point headlines build excitement for product collections.


Seeds of Change, 100% Certified Organic Seeds 2004

The Seeds of Change catalog makes a commitment to organic gardening not only in its product line but also in its eco-friendly paper choice.


L.L. Bean, Christmas 2004

The customer comes first at L.L. Bean, as demonstrated by the cataloger’s commitment to product quality, guarantees, and personalization. Copy call-outs help shoppers make informed decisions, and color-coded tabs make it easy for them find the products they’re looking for.


Harry and David, Easy Gifting & Entertaining 2004

Harry and David’s top-notch merchandising and attention-grabbing design and headlines ensure that customers keep turning the pages to see what’s next.


Bavarian Autosport, Spring & Summer 2004

Silver spot color on the front cover and compelling action photography instantly draw customers into the Bavarian Autosport catalog; the comprehensive yet accessible copy keeps them reading.


Sundance Catalog, Winter 2004

Short and sweet copy infused with character enhances Sundance Catalog’s well-defined and tightly edited line of western artisan merchandise.


Wesco Distribution, WESCO Buyers Guide, Electrical Full Line 2nd Edition

Wesco’s benefit-driven copy speaks directly to its target audience of industrial construction companies, while the high-end paper reinforces the value that Wesco places on its customers.


Rapid Racking, Autumn/Winter 2004 (UK)

To appeal to its customers, Rapid Racking uses great price promotions and offers customer services such as customized designing of storage spaces and on-site rack installation.


The Orvis Co., Men’s Clothing, Autumn 2004 (UK)

Appealing and well merchandised, this Orivs catalog is tailored to the folks across the pond, with reliable customer service and distinguished copy that keep British style and sensibility in mind.


Jack Stack BBQ Catalog, 2004 Gift Guide

Meaty images enable readers to practically smell and taste the products. What’s more, bulleted text and product bundling do a great job in guiding customers toward the best packages for their needs.


MacKenzie-Childs, Celebrate the Season, Fall 2004

A unique selection of high-end, hand-made products takes center stage, thanks to the strong graphics and rich paper choice that enable the whimsical pottery to all but pop off the page.


Franklin Covey, I Will, Fall 2004

The sharp product photography of the Franklin Covey catalog, combined with the simple page designs, help delineate the differences among the multiple planners and agendas available.


Relax the Back, Holiday 2004

Quotes from doctors on how to best care for the back add to Relax the Back’s credibility. In addition, the clearly organized merchandise categories, such as bedding and chairs, make deciding what to purchase painfree.


Insect Lore, 2004

The cheerful, informative copy of the Insect Lore catalog makes even the creepiest crawlers enticing to both parents and teachers, while the colorful page borders act as an ingenious navigation tool.


Wesco Distribution, Wesco Buyers Guide Lighting, 2nd Edition

The front cover of the Wesco catalog immediately identifies the merchandise found inside, and the high-quality photos simplify the product selection process.


The Orvis Co., Fly Fishing, Fall 2004

Orvis reels in anglers with its impressive merchandise selection and value-added editorial copy. The catalog’s customer testimonials allow even first-time buyers to order with confidence.


Museum Tour, 2004-2005

Fun for the whole family, the Museum Tour catalog has an excellent merchandise selection organized in thematic groupings. Pictures of products in use by kids and their parents add to the joy of this book.


Country Walkers, 2005

Country Walkers gives customers a leg up on what they can expect from its trips with a mix of information, images, and testimonials. The easy-to-read format prevents the content from overwhelming the reader.



L.L. Bean, Clothing for Men 2004; L.L. Bean, Fall 2004; L.L. Bean, Guide to Winter Warmth 2004; Sundance Catalog, Fall 2004; Sundance Catalog, Spring 2004


Cintas, The Uniform Book 2005; Shoes for Crews, Food Service, Fall 2004; Team Cheer, 2004


CMC Rescue, Rescue Equipment, Catalog 124; Direct Supply, 2005 Equipment; Franklin Covey, Government Products 2004-2005; Island Dental Co., Equipment, Service & Supply 2004


Museum Tour, 2004-2005; Learning Resources, Holiday 2004; One Step Ahead, Spring 2004; Super Duper Publications, 2005


The Orvis Co., The Dog Book, Holiday 2004; Super Duper Publications, 2005


Harry and David, Cool Fruit 2004; Mackenzie Ltd., Holiday 2004; The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, Holiday 2004; The Republic of Tea, Catalogue No. 66


Sundance Catalog, Summer Jewelry ’04, 1st Edition; Williamsburg, A Season of Celebrations 2004


Harry and David, Spring/Summer 2004; Jackson & Perkins, Holiday Gifts 2004; Jackson & Perkins, Spring Gifts 2004; L.L. Bean, The Best of Holiday 2004


New Pig Corp., Pigalog 2005 (Germany)


The Orvis Co., Women’s Clothing, Best of Summer 2004 (UK)


Victory Corps, 2004


Nautilus, Home Health & Fitness Catalog, Winter 2005


Office Depot, Business Services Division, Green Book, 12/04-12/05; Topdeq Corp., Office Furniture & Accessories


ITA Group, 2004 Outstanding Performances


DharmaCrafts, Holiday 2004; Horse Country, Portraits 2005


Wesco Distribution, Wesco New Product Buyers Guide, 2004-2005


The Fly Shop, 2004 Summer; L.L. Bean, Fly Fishing 2004; L.L. Bean, Hunting 2004


Wesco Distribution, Wesco Buyers Guide Craftsman, 2003-2004


Austin-Lehman Adventures, 2005 Vacations


Hero Arts Rubber Stamps, 2004

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