A Cornerstone by any other name…

Mar 01, 2000 10:30 PM  By

This letter concerns an error in an article in your February issue, “Out with overstocks.” The author, Paul Miller, interviewed Paul DeMartinis of our company. He referred to our operating divisions correctly, but he referred to the company name as Cornerstone Direct.

Although our company did use the name Cornerstone Direct in the past, we have ceased using that name and are now known as Landmark Direct. I imagine that Mr. Miller was familiar with us when we were known as Cornerstone Direct, and that is the reason for the error, but Mr. DeMartinis did not refer to us as Conerstone Direct.

This incorrect information is significant because there is another company in the catalog industry that is currently using the name Cornerstone Direct. The article may have caused readers to be confused about the two companies.