Abacus Report: Domestications mines older but better names

New York—Thanks to database modeling, the Domestications catalog learned that some of its house file names were not getting older; they were getting better.

In the first stop of a “road show” on May 8, co-op database provider Abacus discussed how it helped the home décor cataloger to reap nearly $1 million in additional revenue. According to Paul Imbierowicz, general manager of Abacus’s ChannelView division, by modeling its database against that of the Abacus Alliance, Domestications was able to mine an additional 450,000 older buyers from its house file.

These names “performed at above break-even,” Imbierowicz said. “Domestications had been leaving almost $1 million in revenue on the table over the course of a season.”

Imbierowicz also shared a case study involving FeelGood, a cataloger of personal care appliances. The mailer used the Abacus Alliance file to score and append its own house file. “FeelGood was able to not only find 36-month buyers that it still should be mailing,” Imbierowicz said, “but it was also able to suppress some 12-month buyers it shouldn’t have been mailing.” As a result, the cataloger’s contribution per customer soared from a $6.01 loss to a $10.31 gain.