A&E Spins Off Two Titles

New York– A&E Television Networks is hoping it has a hit on its hands with two catalog spin-offs. The cable-TV company spun off the Biography and History Channel catalogs this spring from A&E’s flagship title, The World of A&E, which debuted in 1999.

The 50-page History Channel catalog, which sells primarily videos from series on the History Channel, will mail again in the summer and the fall, says Jennifer Kohl, A&E’s director of direct marketing. The 32-page Biography catalog mailed to subscribers of A&E’s “Biography” magazine (itself a spin-off of the A&E “Biography” TV series), World of A&E buyers, respondents to an 800-number promoted on TV, and some rented names. The Biography catalog “accents and extends the reach of the brand,” Kohl says.

Like its television counterpart, the History Channel skews more to men. Conversely, The World of A&E appeals more to women. Nonetheless, there is a significant amount of product cross-over among the titles. In addition to videos, the catalogs sell gifts and collectibles.