Alibaba Group Inks Agreement to Embrace Italian Businesses on Tmall

Jun 11, 2014 11:57 PM  By

U.S. retailers looking to sell to consumers in China via Tmall face a little more competition.

Alibaba Group and the Government of Italy signed an agreement on Wednesday to make it easier and faster for Italian businesses to open virtual stores on Tmall, according to a posting on Alibaba Group’s Alizila news site.

Alibaba Group will provide Italian businesses looking open stores on with enrollment support, online marketing and customer service support.

A similar deal was struck late last month between Alibaba Group and the French government to aid French businesses in launching stores on

“Through this memorandum of understanding, we hope to make more Italian brands and products available to the hundreds of millions of online and mobile shoppers across China,” said Alibaba Group’s Executive Chairman Jack Ma. “And at the same time help Italian brands and companies to directly tap into the insatiable demand from Chinese consumer.”

  • Nelly Ojeda

    This is a huge improvement for the Chinese giant. Definitely that tmall is a big opportunity for brands to explore the Chinese market. With this agreement more Italian companies and brands will feel more secure to sell in the platform. As a fashion marketer i’m noticing a remarkable growth on tmall, where fashion brands are opening flagships stores there.
    I read on Fashionbi ( that a lot of brands have presence on the ecommerce platform and some of them are succeeding and other unfortunately don’t. Also in the research, they give you a very useful advices of how to improve your efforts on the platform and case-studies to analyze.
    We will see how tmall turns out for Italian brands, maybe this could be the perfect link to reach the Chinese market.