Amazon Launches Login and Pay with Amazon

Oct 08, 2013 10:03 PM  By

Is Amazon going after after eBay’s PayPal?

Amazon has released a new service that streamlines how customers transact with online merchants. Login and Pay with Amazon allows participating merchants to empower customers to go from check out using their existing Amazon account information.

“Login and Pay with Amazon enables companies to make millions of our customers their customers by inviting online shoppers with Amazon credentials to access their account information safely and securely with a single login,” said Tom Taylor, vice president of Amazon Payments, in a press release.

Login and Pay with Amazon works seamlessly on tablet, mobile, and desktop devices. Online merchants get simple, low pricing for payment services and fraud protection from Amazon at no extra fee. Amazon does not share the customers’ credit card information, and purchases are covered by Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, offering buyers the transaction protection they receive when purchasing products on

Developers can implement Login and Pay with Amazon with existing websites using a set of widgets and APIs to embed on the site and integrate with back-end systems. Login and Pay with Amazon uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which has been broadly adopted for user-authorized exchanges across sites.

  • John Wade

    With all the money Amazon spent launching this, you think they could get the grammar correct – it should be Log in (2 words) since it’s a verb (action) and not Login (1 word) which is a noun (thing).

    • Tim Parry

      John Wade, if it makes you feel any better, I kept typing “Log In and Pay with Amazon” when I wrote the article… Score one for the Grammar Police!

  • Jay__G

    Amazon’s “big brother” attitude (seeing what sells well and going after it through other options), and their inability to properly manage A-Z Guarantee by giving away the store (hell, it’s not theirs) is what prevents me, and hopefully other retailers, from their using their checkout service!

    When they interfere with my company policies and customer’s shopping experience, without understanding the product line, it gets ugly! PayPal ROCKS!