Bachrach’s Assets Sold for $5.25 Million

Feb 26, 2010 9:22 PM  By

B&B Bachrach has acquired the assets of Bachrach Acquisition, which owns the men’s apparel cataloger/retailer Bachrach, for $5.25 million. The bankrupt multichannel merchant was sold at an auction in New York on Feb. 22.

Lee Diercks, a partner with Clear Thinking Group, Bachrach Acquisition’s financial adviser, says a sale order is now being crafted and should be signed by a judge in the next few days, at which time the sale will be final.

New York-based Bachrach had filed notice with the court that it had received a bid to purchase all of its assets from B&B Bacharach, which is headed by Brian Park, owner of Michael Brandon Clothing.

Bachrach was acquired by Sun Capital Partners in 2005, and filed bankruptcy in 2006. An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners sold the cataloger to Bachrach Acquisition in August 2006. Bachrach emerged from Chapter 11 in 2007, but then went back into bankruptcy in May 2009.