Bakers Puts Best Foot Forward with Catalog Launch

St. Louis-based Bakers Footwear Group is following in the footsteps of numerous other retailers by launching a print catalog. The 32-page book mailed last month to about 400,000 online customers and members of the company’s B Card loyalty program as well as to prospects, according to president Michele Bergerac.

Bergerac says the company decided to unveil a print catalog to “continue to build our brand, communicate the message of our store remodel program and product upgrade, and to reach new customers.” The catalog, like the Bakers stores, targets females 16-35. The company also owns the Wild Pair retail chain, which sells shoes for men and women. All told the $129.4 million company has more than 225 stores.

The catalog includes a broad offering of the store’s proprietary and national brands “that appeal to our target customer,” says Bergerac.